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Katie Pretty Pampers

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Aug 11, 2015
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I did a ladies nails (shellac) on Monday. When she arrived she already had normal white polish on that had discoloured (she told me she wears black latex gloves at work). She asked for the maicure white all over. Last night at midnight she text me saying they had gone off white. This has never happened before. I said to her it may be residue from her gloves and to try wiping the nails with acetone free nail varnish remover to see if the residue from her gloves goes.

I have another client who always has this colour and never complains and always states that her nails stay so white she cannot believe it, the same with all my ladies who get a french manicure.

This is my first real complaint and I am worried she may leave me a bad review on my facebook page and i was wondering how you would go about dealing with this?
I wouldn't worry too much. Why would she leave you a bad review if it's happened before when she's worn normal white varnish?

Do you know if she's tried using acetone and if it worked?
I am just worrying about a bad review ruining my reputation but I know I am being paranoid. She said she will try what i told her today and send a photo. I am rather annoyed at the lateness of the text message as I feel this could of waited until morning.

Some clients forget I am human and need sleep lol. She seemed angry about it but I am not sure why she got white if she wears black latex gloves?!
[She seemed angry about it but I am not sure why she got white if she wears black latex gloves?![/QUOTE]

Exactly! Unfortunately nails aren't indestructible and we aren't liable for things that go against out aftercare advice. Things like tanning, cooking, chemicals even clothing can discolour nails...especially white ones! As you said you have many other clients who they last on so I wouldn't worry too much.

In the worst case scenario if she does leave a bad review just reply to the review saying "unfortunately white gelpolish can be discoloured if proper care isn't taken, I would love for you to come back and try one of the darker colours I provide which may be more suitable for your profession"

Don't worry too much x
So after all her complaining i offered that I will redo them for her. I am super busy and explained which days i was free. We agreed on this saturday (I was hoping for a day off), at 9am. So i got up early waited and waited. Then she text dead on 9 and said sorry i am unable to make it. Then at 5am this morning asked me when I was next available! I text and said all I have is this saturday! I am so angry that she wasted my time and then thinks it is ok to text me at 5am!!!!!
By Saturday her shellac will need redoing anyway! One to watch there katiePP x
By Saturday her shellac will need redoing anyway! One to watch there katiePP x
That is what I was thinking. I was thinking of just saying I am fully booked when she contacts me from now on. I knew she would be trouble as soon as she arrived. Then stated that she usually get's her friend who bought a kit off ebay to do her nails and that I should too buy what she gets off ebay as then I can charge cheaper lol. I am more angry that she thinks it is ok to text me at 5am
I would text her "Hi, as you were a late cancellation/no show on Saturday which unfortunately took up an appointment slot that I could have offered to another client, I am no longer able to offer you another free treatment. Happy to book you in again for this Saturday, it will be £X, best wishes".
You just get a feeling sometimes don't you, with the troublesome ones.

I def wouldn't offer her a freebie now she has abused your kindness and shows you no respect. x
Personally I would just ignore her. I don't have time for people like that. Total lack of respect towards you and your time!
I agree with KrissKross. She can't mess you about like that. She's abused your goodwill offer so I wouldn't offer another gesture. Letting you know 2 mins before her appointment affects you in the same way as a no show.
Do any of you actually have your phone turned on at 5am? It's irrelevant to me when people text. The phone is on silent all night!
To be fair,sometimes my phone gets texts at random times during the night...its not that they are actually sent then, just that the system sometimes holds them for hours then dispatches them...I know they weren't sent then as they are usually from my kids and I check..!
Usually happens on New Year's Eve..I think the network just can't cope with all the Happy New Year messages.. ;)
I agree will all the posters here. Also..if she texts you at 5am ..that's her business, you don't need to answer then! I think it's always good practice to try to stick to some sort of working hours when answering phones / texts...or there will always be someone who takes the P!
Do any of you actually have your phone turned on at 5am? It's irrelevant to me when people text. The phone is on silent all night!
it was the fact she text at 5am with question marks that I hadnt answered her message when she text at 12pm!
So she sent her original message at midnight and obviously you was waiting until reasonable working hours to reply and she sent a further message at 5am just question marks because you hadn't replied? :eek:
see this is what i do when i don't get a response from my man!!! i will know he has read it because of the two little blue ticks! these little bad boys get us in sooo much trouble especially since they know we have seen it! :D:cool:

So in regards to this situation, set your buisness hours, reiterate that in your correspondence whatever avenue you use, be that social media, phone calls between 8am-5pm etc you catch my drift. Dont be so willing to give so much of your time, she can be patient and wait like everyone else. It's your call to offer her a redo, i personally would offer it, but enforce how busy i am and that if it may not be the treatment suitable for her, retail her some vinylux or send her off to the nss!!:D win-win;) xoxo
She has not text me back since last night when i said this "Thank you for your text. As you text me at 12pm I was unable to get back to you as I was closed and only respond during working hours which are XYZ. Due to you not showing up to your appointment on Saturday with no notice for me to fill the spot, I will no longer be offering a free treatment. Kind regards PPUK"
Sorted! Well done. Personally I'd blacklist her and be full if she ever wanted doing again but then I'm a bit intolerant to people who are a hassle.
Sounds to me like you have done the right thing and yes I would be fully booked forever now!

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