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Holistic Beauty

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Aug 5, 2009
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Has anyone else had a nightmare with the recent dermalogica price increase?
Our clients are really annoyed, a lot of the products have gone up as much as £4.00 and some clients are now refusing to buy the products. The company say it’s due to an increase of manufacturing costs but how comes the products which do not sell as well like the body and solar range have only gone up 5p-30p. We already have been struggling with dermalogica sales due to so many salons opening up with dermalogica, the reduced prices on the internet and the recession and come January they will increase the prices for the VAT and then again in April, how is everyone else finding it?
We are seriously considering bring in another range like eve taylor so when clients complain we have a more cost effective alternative. What do you think?
I love dermalogica and have been using them for 18 years but my therapists and I are questioning whether we would pay what they now ask! :cry:
Sounds a nightmare! I think it would be a good idea to bring in another range alongside dermalogica to retail as many clients just won't have the extra money. Of course you will still get the clients that will continue to purchase dermalogica no matter how much the price increase but another cheaper brand will work well alongside it x
It's shocking!

The brand and name will only go so far ... surely it can't be long before clients start abandoning it. And then it will be ten times harder to recover their (Dermalogica's) business.

A £4 increase because of 'manufucturing' costs increasing? For that large a jump I would expect every other skincare company to suffer too. Yet I don't hear of many others doing this.

It just smacks of pure greediness if you ask me!!

If I was a stockist, I'd most certainly be looking at introducing another, more affordable range to run alongside.
I am quite surprised that more stockists are not upset by this as before I posted this thread I checked to see if anything that had been said about it, but nothing. I know from past threads there are more dermalogica stockists who use salon geek so maybe it will not affect them.

It’s good to hear I am not over reacting to this, I am seeing my rep soon so will be able to express this to her, but bless her what can she do, the only thing that would make any changes is a significant reduction in sales across all salons, and will that happen - I don't know, but it’s happening to me.
I brought this up with my rep, along with other issues. The reps have no power at all, and no voice with management.
I too have seen dermalogica sales fall off a cliff. Even online, I am constantly at a disadvantage to offshore sites and fakes who don't have to jump through all the silly dermalogica hoops that I do.
What she can do is escalate your disquiet to the management. If every salon complained thus it would be stupidly arrogant of Dermalogica to not take notice of it.
If it were me I would be writing a physical letter to Dermalogica HQ asking for a more plausible explanation.
I wouldn't necessarily introduce a cheaper brand, but a different one, which might be cheaper. I'd base my decision on efficacy though, not on price.
I think dermalogica ARE stupidly arrogant!

They are going into department stores now DESPITE stating that they would be a salon only brand.
Their Christmas gift sets are laughable this year. They picked the two lowest selling items and boxed em up with FREE TRIAL SIZES splashed across it. Classy gift!
ONLY offshore online retailers can discount.When I queried this I was told that people had to pay import taxes when the goods are delivered, so there was no discount! I have never heard of people having to pay this.
There are still ebay sellers, amazon sellers etc despite it being against the rules. I was told if I sold through either of thse channels they would close my account.
What she can do is escalate your disquiet to the management. If every salon complained thus it would be stupidly arrogant of Dermalogica to not take notice of it.
If it were me I would be writing a physical letter to Dermalogica HQ asking for a more plausible explanation.
I wouldn't necessarily introduce a cheaper brand, but a different one, which might be cheaper. I'd base my decision on efficacy though, not on price.

Agree completely, didn't mean to say 'cheap' as in budget and less efficient but meant to say more affordable but with good quality
I have only been an account holder with dermalogica since march so I am now worried i have made the wrong choice. People do think it's expensive and with everyone cutting back on their spending these days it's hard to sell it. I hope I don't end up with it just sat on my shelves
I did not know they were planning or are selling in department stores I will have to ask my rep about this as this was something they always made a big deal about - never selling in store only beauty salons.

I have also has problems where I was selling dermalogica at a discount and I was told I was not allowed or they would closed my account and I have no choice were as all the on-line accounts seem to be able to, although hearing from an on-line seller its interesting how things are effecting you too.

I agree about the so called Christmas gifts for one they are not least bit Christmassy also who is going to buy a gift of an exfoliate for someone for Christmas! I have not ordered any.

In regard to cheap products I also do not mean just cheap products with no thought on their quality, we are at the moment testing 4 product ranges but the cost has to be a big factor as they have to be cheaper than dermalogica (not too difficult) otherwise it’s not solving the problem. I looked at lots of old threads and from this we are testing Eve Taylor, Moor Spa, Australian Bodycare (as use their waxing products) and Priadara (as use Ellisons for my general bits so though give it a try). Any feedback on other product ranges or on the ones we are trying is very much appreciated.
I too am finding my product sales had dipped dramatically. I have tried a number of different products and would love to find an alternative line and make the swap, but to date haven't find anything that gives me the results. Holistic Beauty, please let me know how the Priadara trials go, I have looked at this in the past but never trialled them. I really do think they are an exceptionally greedy company, who back the big boys and not the small independent salons.
We have just started the trial so should know what, if any we decide on in about a month, so will let you know. I am trialling Priadara this week and I must admit out of all the ranges I was not really looking forward to this one but I must admit so far so good, my skin (sensitive/ combination) is not reacting and I have not broken out in spots. I like the smells of everything except the moisturiser which I do not hate just do not love. Still early days but I am pleasantly surprised.
I would never stock Dermalogica for this exact reason.
Has anyone tried Environ? What are the start up costs like?
Yep i stock Eve Taylor too. It's a lovely range and i love the smell.
And you're right, they scour Ebay every day and if anyone is selling products on there then they are removed.
You can't buy any of their products cheaper than you can in a salon so clients are more likely to buy from you.
A company with ethics!!
Folks thought I was mad when I didn't go with them in the spa and choose another line, the more I see and hear the happier I am I did.

Victim of their own sucess maybe?
Greedy, arrogant and typical MBA management ethos.Not an easy company to do business with anymore. I have been a stockist for 11 years, and have seen vast changes.
From what I have read on geek, they are losing friends hand over fist.
I think they forget, clients and salons have lots of choice nowadays, and they are not unique or "new" anymore. Bullying salons will not help their sales figures either.
I don't have an account with them but I love Dermalogica! I would pay any amount of money to use it because I just cant find anything as good.
From a salons point of view I can see where you are coming from! It's not fair that clients can buy online for practically cost price!! It is hard enough trying to sell products that are a little bit pricey anyway, without making it worse!
And honestly, for them to start selling it in shops is seriously going to make them look tacky in my opinion just like it did to st tropez!
It killed st Tropez. Completely devalued what was the top brand in the UK.
I have been seriously considering changing ranges due to the constant price increases with Dermalogica and have been disgusted wilth the huge increases this year.
Now on top of this they are going to add insult to injury by selling in shops. This has really made my mind up.
I have been selling at the pre April prices so far to keep everyone happy, as I preferred to sell with less profit than to not sell at all. If they want to take my account away for that, then I really dont have a problem with that.
I would really love to use Liz Earle products in my salon, but as we all know they have not yet branched out into the professional market.

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