DHA resistant medication?


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Jan 2, 2007
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Hi guys,

I just had an email from a lady and wondered if any of you would have any ideas?

"sprayed a client this week with xen tan solution. She suffers from
psoriasis but sprayed before and the tan took well,
although different solution. She waited 7 hours before showering but
the tan did not take at all. Are there any medications that can make a
client DHA resistant? Just wondering whether this has happened to
anyone else"

Thanks in advance

Sarah. xx
I might be wrong but logically if her medication hasn't changed since her other tan that took well, its unlikely it will be causing her to be dha resistant or the other tan wouldn't of developed either.

Is there any other reason that you can think of as to why it wouldn't of worked? Menstrual cycle, moisturiser unknowingly on the skin etc?

Funnily enough I had a regular spray tan client contact me today for a new appointment and said that last time she had her tan done by me it didnt seem to deepen or last as well as the ones I had done before. However I have only ever used the same lotion on her, LA Tan 8%, I dont know if she was on antibiotics or had traces of moisturiser on her still? She's a regular customer so knows the drill, just thought it was odd as it's always the same lotion as she is very pale!
I have a little psoriasis on my shins and sometimes it takes in this area and sometimes not ,it can be that she mayhave used some medication creme which might not have washed off sufficiently or as I have noticed on mine that it isnt taking any form of tan natural or spray tan at the moment may have something to do with the rapid skin cell turn over

hope this helps

Thanks girls :)

I wrote back and advised her, if she hadn't already, to ask if the lady had switched soaps or body wash or had been on antibiotics for anything as I know this can sometimes muck up your hormones. I also said it could be something to do with any medication she may be taking for it may be (again) playing silly beggers with her.

I haven't heard back yet.

Thanks again

Sarah. xx
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