Disposable thongs: where do you get yours?


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Mar 5, 2011
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hey geeks

i bought some disposable pants from ellisons just assuming they'd be thongs as there was no other option and theyve come and they're big fat granny pants... now i have nothing against granny pants (i wear them myself :wink2:) but they just dont work for tanning or intimate waxing. i need some asap, anyone know what wholesaler stocks them online? or if you think anyone might have them at beautyUK?
I get my tanning ones from Capital Hair & Beauty.
It's the one thing I buy from eBay with regards to my spray tanning :)
I got a good deal from eBay. Wow cosmetics I think x
I get mine off eBay from the Omg shop.last time I ordered I got 25.sticky feet ,hair nets and paper thongs.for 10.oo plus got 5 of each free .they sell them on there own as well

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i got some disposables and they were quite large but i tell my clients to rip them and twist them so that can become a thong if they wish.
I've got a bag full yet no one wishes too use them! I do offer to every client but they must not want bum cheeks on show? haha x
I get mine from ebay-its the cheapest place and they are great. I go through quite a lot.
I have thongs and knickers-as everyone is different.

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