Do any other employers...


Get fed up of being treated like the enemy? Like a faceless entity with no feelings, no life, no hardship.

I mean, we own businesses, salons, franchises... So surely we're all rolling in it right - and just out to screw over the poor little people?!


Some days, I can't afford to eat. I can't remember the last time I paid a personal bill. I lost a house!!!! All to pay my employee's as promptly as possible, in the hope that one day in the future, my children and I will have a happy life.

Business owners take risks that most other people aren't willing to take. So WHY are we treated like poo?!

I don't want to screw anyone over. I don't want to be the enemy. I just want to be a caring employer, who gives people the chance to make a living, and make a living myself.

I'm sorry for the rant (sure it'll be deleted), but I am so fed up with reading people slagging off their bosses here. These are the people who SACRIFICE to give YOU a job. Even if they're "rolling in it" now, they've been through stuff you will probably never understand.

This is the BUSINESS section. For BUSINESS owners. Please, please, PLEASE can we stop bad mouthing the people who put food in your mouth?!


Hear Hear!
I am heartily sick of the salon owner bashing that goes on, and also the "how do I nick the clients" stuff too.
I find that 20 year old newbies look at me as though they should have exactly the same, and if they don't, it must be because I'm greedy.

I class myself as a good employer. I always issue contracts, handbooks, pay for training, issue payslips, pay holiday, pay maternity. I play by the rules.

I have NEVER been taken to tribuneral in 12 years of employing staff.

I have noticed on this forum that straight away everyone jumps to slate the salon owner. I have even been threatened with "telling the council on you" by an idiot on here that felt I shouldnt employ people as it "exploited them"

I always feel that me having a salon doesnt prevent those of you that want a salon from having one. Rather than gobbing off at salon owners, the critics need to go and open, and run, their very own perfect salon.


Couldn't agree more!! People think it's easy doing what we do. Don't get me wrong, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. But it is HARD WORK, that a lot of people will just never understand. That's why I heart salongeek. It's a place to come to talk to like-minded people who have been through stuff and can relate.


I really dont understand why people slate there bosses! All i can do is admire all the salon owners out there! Especially for my age range (19) ... It is only salon owners that can give us the chance to make it in the industry ... If anything it should be respect and thanks that are shown!


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Yes I hear you!
I'm sick of people thinking that it doesn't cost much to run a salon and that if they can afford the rent then everything will be hunky dory.
I'm sick of employees thinking the salon clients belong to them. I put them straight but they automatically think that!
I know of stylists that hop from salon to salon to salon, hoping to poach clients as they go.
I'm sick of people thinking they can come to work and if they are quiet, are not even prepared to get off their backsides and do something about it.
People have no respect any more, no initiative, no drive, no passion and one big attitude.
When you do find a good one though you value them and look after them and make sure that they stay with you.
So all the moaners, perhaps if you got off your backsides, showed some respect and some initiative then maybe your bosses would respect you!


I'm glad you have opened thus thread, I too am an employer and I work 60hrs a week to keep my business going and ensure my girls get paid. I do wonder why though sometimes considering I have had 3 employees in the last year and half take away most of my hairdressing side of the business. I don't do hair but brought it in after lots of requests and I have always been too fair if anything, too soft as I didn't want to be a hard nosed business woman but what these girls have done has made me tougher. I also had an apprentice who I sacked as she was late almost everyday (one day 3hrs!) she tried to take me to a tribunal lol. Big hugs to all salon owners, fingers crossed the recession eases soon xxxx


I completely agree with everything on this thread! x


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Hear, hear! I work so hard in my business, not just for myself but to keep my staff in work. I have found, in the last year, it is never enough. It has made me cynical and ruthless as a boss. Employees take head: you get the boss you deserve.

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Ha, don't get me started Sarah-Jean.

I'm getting a bit fed up of the oh poor me's who can't afford to pay £80 rent per week. Ha, if only life and having your own business was that simple. Oh to only have to pay out £80 (plus stock) per week!!

The wannabees on here HAVE NOT GOT A CLUE !!

Like the salon owner who was badly slated for not getting around to issuing a contract.

Maybe, just maybe, she's more pre occupied in how the hell she's going to get enough business through the door to pay all the bills & STAFF WAGES.

I think I have said enough for now!!


LOL I'm glad others agree. I have just found recently I am so sick of reading how victimised employees are.... I can't even go into full details how screwed over by employee's I have been in the past (for legal reasons).

And then to come to a BUSINESS forum and read from people who are feeling sorry for themselves because they've been given a job, given a chance, given a wage and STILL aren't grateful. It's beyond frustrating.

Thankfully I have fantastic staff now. Who are very understanding of the situation that I am in as a business owner, and are willing to work hard to help me, help them achieve the best we possibly can as a team.

But man, it's so frustrating to read these things. So frustrating!

(((((HUGS))))) To all my fellow business owners who are suffering, have suffered and will suffer in the future, just to give people the chance to earn a decent wage.

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You are all so right, and do you know what, it's not just this industry. It was the same in my previous life, the boss has it all, and yet all of my girls had more disposable income than I could ever hope to have. My OH is a pro photographer (venture style) and one of my staff spent over £2k just before Xmas??!!!

Chins up all, you are great at what you do



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Newbie here glad to find this site. I am a new salon owner and I agree with everyone on this subject. I just tell it how it is, it seems like the ones that complain usually doesn't stay. I do have an issue I need help with, being I am a new salon owner I have a manicurist who makes bracelets, watches, and earrings and she wants to sale them at her station. She says that she does have a resale license but I have mixed feelings about doing that? Is there a limit to what she can post at her station or at the salon? Does that take away from me, my boutique? I do want them to make money but would it be conflict with me? Any advise????
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Although I agree with what's on this thread, not everyone makes a good boss! There are people perfectly capable of owning and running businesses (in any trade) but just can not manage people.

So although there may be some 'feeling sorry for ones self' threads around, there are probably some awful bosses too.

One day I aspire to have a salon, but the thought of me employing someone is just tooooo terrifying lol!


Hear, hear! I work so hard in my business, not just for myself but to keep my staff in work. I have found, in the last year, it is never enough. It has made me cynical and ruthless as a boss. Employees take head: you get the boss you deserve.
Could not agree more with all of the above quotes, particularly sophisticutz one, I remember being told when training you get the clients you deserve, but I think it is also true you get the Boss you deserve too LOL.

I think a lot of people spend too much time thinking about what others have rather than what they have, part of being a good business person is making it look easy, when it is not. I always try not to laugh when people (clients & staff) ask me what I have done on my day off, I am sure they think I swan around being a lady who lunches, when I tell them about the work I do when I am not doing hair in the salon they often look at me like I am making it up!

I was trained to keep problems (personal & business) out of the work place - I would not tell my staff or clients when things are going wrong, it is not their problem, but sometimes I wish I could just so they could see my side.

Thanks Sarah -Jean, I feel much better for letting that out. x


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great thread, as it is quite fustrating when everyone seems to be the victims! I dont think salon owners are appreciated enough, as disgruntled ex empolyees wouldnt try their luck as much as they do! Like i said in a another thread, this industry is everchanging, you do have to be up to date, on trend, have education etc Sacrificing hours here and there for clients, who are our bread n butter. there is a paperwork side of things too, stock intake, tax ni etc its daughting and tiring to come up with advertising and being unquine for some newbe to steal your ideas in a glance!

Nehoo i feel your pain sister! xoxo


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I agree that not everyone makes a good boss however I take what is being said here is not 'feeling sorry for ones self' I don't feel sorry about myself at all. I just found this site and sometimes it's nice to say what we need to say as an salon owner


I didn't mean salon owners feeling sorry for themselves, someone else had mentioned employees feeling sorry for themselves.

Can't quote on my phone :-(


Things are hard at the moment for business owners and employees and it's always hard to see things from another point of view.

I personally work in a salon which is owned by a couple who have other completely different businesses and they employ a manager. I do feel sorry for her as she gets it in the neck from us when we have moans but then she treats us like crap when it's quiet and shes obviously getting an ear bashing from the owner. It's a vicious circle!!

Basically we all like to let off steam at the end of the day and if I want to moan about no pay rise, bonus or much thanks in 4 years I'll do it here in the business section even though I don't own a salon. Because it doesn't fit into hair, nails or beauty section


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It would fit perfectly in the blogs though if you are just having a moan :biggrin:


Hmm I have no idea what that is lol. I only go on here on my phone and it doesn't seem to have anything bout blogs.

Got carried away after reading about getting the boss you deserve?!