do you charge extra after 4 weeks?


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Apr 16, 2007
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Hi there,

I was wondering if you charge extra when a customer comes after 3 weeks or 4 weeks? Or do you charge according to how much work that you have?
Can any of you share their pricing when it comes to their fill-ins?

I would like to know how the majority charges?

Now this is an interesting one.

I know a lot of geeks on here do charge extra after 4 weeks, even going so far as to insist on removal and start again.

However atm I don't charge any extra. Yes, the gap to fill may be a few millimetres wider but not enough to warrant charging a lot extra imho. What would make a difference to what I charge would naturally be the amount of repairs or replacements needed and if there were several then that would increase the charge considerably and obviously, the longer time between appointments, the more likely this is to happen, meaning a higher charge anyway.

But I don't think I could justify charging more just because it was a longer timeframe.

I have a lady who regularly goes 4 weeks, she usually comes for a repair or two in-between appointments and at her rebalance appointment I usually replace 1 or 2 more for her. But then again, I had a client (who normally comes in after 3 weeks) go 4.5 weeks recently, due to my holiday, and when she arrived, they were perfect and the only difference was more growth.
If a client goes against my recommended 2/3 week maintenance and leaves it longer, I certainly will charge more cause the chances are there will be a lot more work.

If I recommend that a client can go 4 weeks before their next maintenance, I will not charge more.

If it is a regular client who is normally good at keeping their maintenance but for personal reasons have been unable to have their nails done, I will use my discretion.

Feel free to look at my pricing structure on my website Christines Nail Cabin | Essex: Hornchurch, Romford, Upminster & Dagenham
yes I do ......

On my price list starting at 2 weeks for fills price goes up by $ 5.00 for each week after.....till at 6 weeks I charge the same as a new set......when a client goes more than the recommended time it makes more work for me....and I want to be paid!

going 4 weeks or more = longer nails
apex now not in the proper zone
white totally grown out ( if they have pink /whites
possible lifts / greenie /or worse!

by not charging more ....
you are making it harder on yourself instead of making it easier .....and are ripping yourself off of product as you are now using more than you would have if client would have come in at recommended 2 weeks!
I don't charge more, I don't need to:green:. My nails don't lift, the only difference is more growth and it doesn't mean more work! (If the client has trashed her nails, 2 new tips are included in my rebalance price; I do charge for extra tips, though)

Personally my own nails hardley grow at all (i'd be out of business if everyone were like me) i had my nails done 3 weeks ago and there is no need for any work done at all yet so i would be a bit miffed if i was charged extra just because i'm a slow grower.

love de
I charge my normal rate for 2 wks, then charge and extra £5 for 3/4 weeks +

I find that it usually takes me longer as the shape and balance of the nails are out.

It's my time I'm charging for.

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