Do you spray tan in lines or circles?


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Oct 12, 2011
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South Wales
I was taught on my tanning course to spray in lines, but I've use an airbrush for crafting, which I spray in circles.

Ive been watching loads of youtube videos to get some ideas on a "pattern" thats easy for me to remember, and most people seem to be spraying in circles so now im wondering does spraying in circles give a different/better result?
I spray in circles on the hands, face and chest. The rest I spray verticallyx
I spray in lines - up and down following the contours of the body.

Years ago St Tropez's first spraying system was a small air brush (not HVLP) and we had to spray the whole body using small circles!! Tiring and time consuming.

When I use the Airbase airbrush for spraying on foundation and blusher it is applied in circles.

Jacqui xx
I was told downward lines, curved in areas that are buttocks for example. I'd asked tan supplier and they said circles where wrong. Only asked as one of our therapists does circles she also misses quite a few spots.
i spray in lines up and down the body as per the settings on my gun. I'd be worried about missing bits if I did circles :)

I was taught to go across chest & back and circles everywhere else. However, i was using far too much solution so am now following the nouvatan routine that was on you tube (vertical stripes). If i'm doing a "2nd coat" i mist in circles though. Hope this makes sense. x
I don't use circular motions at any point in my routine.
I don't use circles at all either. I don't see how it would be uniform.
i use circles! xx
I spray down in lines then mist over in circles & go across the sides of the feet & under boobs (once I've adjusted the setting on the gun). I am Wow (Tantrick) trained and I've NEVER had a problem with missed bits :)
I use circles only on hands and feet

I've always sprayed in downward lines as this is how I was taught and I'm in a good routine so I don't miss any bits. However I had a spray tan from a fellow mobile tanner who sprayed in circles and I have to say it was one of the better spray tans I've had. Just do whatever you are comfortable with. As long as you work out a good routine and stick with it x

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