do you treat men in your home salon?


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Dec 15, 2006
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:confused: Hi everyone. I work on my own from home and i do have a few male clients, but most of them have come to me due to there wives booking them in, so i feel safe because i know there wife.
But the other day i had my leaflets delivered to the houses near my house (just before christmas) and i had a man call up asking if i do full body massage on men i said i only do back neck and shoulder massage on men . then the same day another man called asking the same he said he was the other mans friend then another man called around to the house to ask he said he was also the other mens friend.
I now wish i had said no to him, that i dont treat male clients.Something doesnt feel right. but now i dont know how to tell them now ive said yes???
I should think before i talk.:irked:
I would honestly not treat any men in my house,unless you know them very well and feel comfortable with them.I am mobile and dont treat any men atall.Trust your instincts and if it doesnt feel right dont do it.Use any excuse,you dont owe them anything and your safety is more
I used to but stopped it as i attracted a bit of a stalker....he even wrote a song about me...:eek: saying that there are some pretty strange women about too....wouldnt want them in my home alone with me either...:lol: x
Hi, I only do waxing (not massage) and have a few male clients for back, chest etc. they are mostly husbands of clients but as my partner goes to a gym (weight lifting) I do have 2 that I wax from the gym. These are known to my partner I would never treat a male client that was not known to me if I were at home on my own. As I work from home based salon I don't advertise for male clients I feel safe treating those who I know or know their wifes. I would ring and cancel them right away and I would say "my partner is not happy with the idea" they don`t know you are on your own, this should stop the word spreading and hopefully prevent any further unwanted callers. Please do not put yourself in an unsafe situation that you are not comfortable with.

Take care.
I have a home based business and I used to wax this man for a year and a half, the first good many times I made sure hubby or my son was home. Later I felt comfy enough I took him when I was alone and that was a bad mistake..

Never, ever let your guard down. I always book men when hubby is home now absolutely no exceptions, if you can call them back and reschedule when your hubby or a friend could be there, I would do that!
I don't think they will be back. If they do simply say im sorry but i only treat female clients end of story, you dont have to explain or justify yourself, if they persist you simply put the phone down and ignore, dont show any fear, hold your own power, they will go find what they are looking elsewhere ie:brothel
i have had men in mine yeah , but i always make sure hubby is here :green:
I do mostly mobile massage and probabably a good 80% of clients are male. When I first advertised the first 3 out of 5 calls wanted to know what else I did. I quickly redid my advertising saying 'genuine service - not an adult service'. I'm pretty good at picking up a mans vibes over the phone. Usually by asking one simple question 'what do you want' I can tell by their answer if they'd be dodgy. If they say a relaxation massage I say this is not an adult service and they usually hang up.
This weekend I do my waxing course and am intending to set up at home and advertise male waxing. I've been in one situation at home where a client tried to feel me up so I told him to get dressed and leave - lucky for me he did without any hassle.

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