Do you vet your clients?


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Jun 15, 2007
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Afternoon all.Ive just having a tea break,phone went (iwork from home after converting garage into a salon) The most rude person started asking a run down of my price list,how long each treatment takes.Then whanted an app with 10 mins.She was rude a abrupt.I told her i was full,today which is true.And got 2 app left on sunday.Then she said that was not good enouth,& asked for mon.By this time i was slighty peed off with her atticude.So i lied and told her i wasnt working mon.Is that too mean,or should be grateful for the buisness.Im full on monday & are doing friends & family.:irked:
Do you really want someone like that as a client? You did the right thing. x
2nd that did do the right thing.....

she would only moan about what you done to her nails!!!! was not rude so she will not bad mouth you...if anything she will say...she is fully booked she must be good!!xx
blimey! you got away from an awful attitude client there. Mind you, I've had some clients that have terrible phone manner and are nice as ninepence when you meet them face to face. Perhaps she had Christmasitis and was totally stressed!
talking about vetting clients.

being a massage therapist, I tend to get a few 'strange' phone calls.

they generally follow the same pattern:

a man rings on his mobile wanting an appointment asap
he asks what massage treatments you offer
once you've listed them, he ask what other massage treatments you do
they only leave a mobile phone number
they don't want to ring back and talk to the receptionist

I had one yesterday at the hairdressers. He asked if I was in my other premises, which I wasnt. I explained where they both were and offered to give him the other premises phone number. He was in the car approaching one of them (alarm bells) and would I be there to meet him as he wanted to book in for a massage. I told him that the chiropody clinic receptionist would be there and would be happy to make him an appointment or sell him a gift voucher.

Don't think I'll hear from him again!!!
OMG.Why do we put ourselfs through this?

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