don't forget watchdog tonight


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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
do not forget watchdog tonight a 7pm featuring Samual Sweet - The geek himself. Also don't forget someone to video this and send to Mr & Mrs Geek - one of us will manage this.

Anyone up for chat afterwards, lots of us will wait until we have watched eastenders until we chat (discussed in revious topic) so see you in the chatroom at 8pm everyone.
Sorry to disappoint again but I've been talking to the BBC team today and it seems the Watchdog piece won't be on until next week now – so don't go missing Emmerdale again for it!

Kelly x
At this rate I might actually be back in the UK in time to see it!!!

Though disappointing that could be a positive thought for me anyway!!!
So selfish!
Oh, was I in trouble. :( I taped over my 8 year old daughter's copy of Watership down to record watchdog as I was out doing nails. Now I'm in the doghouse with my daughter and still no nails on watchdog.

Looking forward to seeing it next week now. ;)
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