Eyelash conditioner?


Hiya Geeks,

my client has really weak and dry eyelashes and wants tips to get longer thicker and most of all heathly looking eyelashes.

what would you geeks suggest? i do vaseline treatments on mine, which isnt working for her, so am stuck.

Thanks inadvance

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I use a collagen treatment after eyelash treatments, which I buy from Sally's. It comes with their eyelash perming set and costs about 8 quid on its own.


I'd recommend 'Regenerating Cream' from Thuya's lash perming range. The cream is normally used to condition the lashes after the tinting and perming process and it makes your lashes extremely soft and 'pliable'.

You could get some and suggest that your client uses this daily to see if there's any improvement. It's simply combed through the lashes and left-(overnight would be good if your client wears make up during the day.) It's certainly worth a try; you can purchase this from Ellisons.



Hi! I haven't personally tried it but have heard fab reviews about Talika products. They have an eyelash condioner-also can be used on eyebrows, its £20. If you have a look on youtube.com, you ll see some amazing before and after. Think Kim here (aka the waxing queen) is a fan of this product.
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I use Dream Lash from Nouveau. Nouveau is the company that offers eyelash lifting (LVL Lashes) and extensions. It is a serum containing ginseng and other nourishing ingredients.

My clients have reported good results. Its like a clear mascara.

Vaseline is not what you want to put on your eyelashes or even around the eye as a treatment. I don't understand where this beauty myth comes from!
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Best one Ive ever used is by Decleor its an eye and lip mask which can be used on the eyelashes, well I know you used to be able to the one I have at the moment doesn't mention eyelashes but when I did the training we were advised you could.

Maybe the formula has changed ? Martin Duffy uses Decleor so he should know. I personally would NOT advise putting vaseline on the lashes.


Thanks geeks for the advice.

with regards to useing vaseline on the eyelash, it was what i was taught when doing both my beauty and make up training, and it works wonders on mine! i just brush a little through (with a throw away mascara brush) and leave it over night. it keeps my lashes long and shiny, and people always ask me if i am wearing false lashes. i dont do a vaseline treatment in my salon! but i have lots of happy client who swear by it.

the client i am asking for has only just got in to the routine of taking her eye make up off at night, and wears a lot of eye make up! her eyelashs are very brittle that along the eye line she has lots of gaps and noticeable differences in length.



p.s i would never put vaseline around the eye! i use a tiny amount about the size of a pin head on my eyelashes!