Eyelash infills on not many lashes - help & advice please?!


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Oct 22, 2007
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Hi All,

I did a half set of semi-permanent lashes 3 weeks ago today (on june 25th) anyway the client text me to book in infills, I asked if she wanted a 30min or 1 hour infill, & asked if she had lost many? She said she had about 10 lashes left on each eye, what would I recommend?
I said it sounds like it would be more of a new set than infills.

Anyway to cut a long story short, money is a bit of an issue & she cant afford another half set, & she is now booked in for Monday (3 & half weeks after the half set was done) & said she probably wont have many left but just wants a few on each eye :irked:

Anyway, sorry to waffle on, my questions to you geeks;
What would you do in this situation?
would you do "infills" on lashes that are really beyond infilling?
I dont even know how long to book out for her appointment!
How do you infill lashes that by Monday might have a few on each eye- if any?
With the lashes I offer a full set - £85, Half a set - £50, infills £25 per 30 mins.

Any help & advice would be really, really appreciated x:hug:x
Its not really an infill if she has practically none left. If money is an issue for her you could maybe offer to do her some lashes on the outer corners (maybe 15 or so per eye).
If someone came back for infills on their nails with only 2 nails left it would be a full set you would be charging for, you wouldnt just infill the 2 nails.
Just explain to your client that If you just put on the amount of lashes you would do for an infill its just gonna look like a poor set of lashes.:hug:
I had a similar situation twice with the same client. The first time she had some lashes left but not a lot. I did an hour infill. Before i started I told her after that hour she wouldn't have as much as a full set. She was happy with that. Second time she had hardly anything left. I told her if she wanted them back up to a full set she would have to pay for a full set again. She was quite happy with this but money wasn't an issue for her.

I'd suggest for this client offer her a one hour infill but tell her if she wants them back up to a full set she should have another infill soon. 2 weeks max and continue like that. You'll probably have her back up to a full set in no time.
Thank you both for your replies :hug:

Ideally I would do an hour infill but that seems to be too much for her to spend.

She is now booked in on Thursday (1 day short of 4 weeks since the half set of lashes was done :irked:)for a 30 min infill however I have booked her out for 45 mins.

Usually when I do infills, I just put the pads under the eyes & away I go applying more lashes, but if she has a few lashes on each, would I need to tape back the lashes again (like you do when you start a new set)?

Oh nothing is ever simple is it?! :rolleyes:
lashes are a commitment.
i had a client taht used to do this all the time, i made a new rule that anythng less than half a set if full price as its alot of work removing/prep/replacing. more work than an actual full set.
and now she takes more care of them and has them done every 2 weeks,

you wouldn't ask for money off a hair treatment would you?
If she is only willing to book in for a half hour fill then I would just give he half an hour worth of lashes and explain if she regularly had longer infills her lashes would look far better.
You have a good pricing structure set up and if she can only afford a half hour infill then thats all you should give her. I find that I am spending longer on infills than a full set and will need to start being strict with people waiting too long for infills. Don't do more than what shes paying for or else she will be back next time in four weeks with a couple of lashes left looking for the same. Good luck xx

Annie x

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