Ezflow glitter kits. How big is 1/8 oz?


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Feb 13, 2007
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Gtr Manchester
I am looking to get the walk of fame boogie nights kit.

Does anybody have this?
What do you think of it?
How big are the powders?

Thanks you.
Hi i think the walk of fame collection is fantastic, the powders are 1/8 oz and you dont need alot so they last.
I don't have it but 1/8oz is 3.75ml, hth's
I was wondering how big are the pots?
Penny size?
5p size?
10p size? (wishful thinking)
Bigger than 2p actually . . . lol

External diameter of pot: 33ml
26mm high. The bottom 8mm of the pot is just glass. hth x

I expected them to be tiny little things.

What about the colours?
Do they show up well?


All the glitters are from Walk of Fame kit, they are gorgeous. You can use them in a number of ways. I'm thrilled with them. The stripey rainbow nails just demonstrate all the colours available.
Sorry must learn to downsize pics:o

No pics of the pots? :lol:
I would say that you could get at least 10 sets of glitter tips out of each 1/8oz pot HTH!
Thanks everybody for the answers.
Thanks for the pic Blossom

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