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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
sorry another fabric question.
I do love it although only done a couple of sets (mine and a friends and get the fabric showing through.. but... practice will help with that)

a question..(or two) might sound obvious but... what is the best file for shaping the edges at the inbetween the build & boost stages.

what about filing dust.. can i just use a duster brush or does the nail need to be cleaned with nailfresh (dont want to interfere with application)_
also that applys to the stage after applying the tips... if ive used scrubfresh first then applied tips and there is dust... i cant use nailfresh on tips can i????
help greatly appreciated...again.... thanks

Hi ya Thehandsanctuary,

Well for the shaping and tidying up around the edges I use a 120/240 grit file.................

As for the scrubfresh:
After having blended the Tips, I use ScrubFresh again (on the natural nail only) working back towards the Eponychium. I use a cotton bud, tiny but it does the trick.............

As for dusting when tidying up between build and boost:
I found that there is only a tiny amount of dust and that just gets pushed out of the way and off the nail with my file, so I don't use a dusting brush, Hoover, Dyson or even a VAX lol.............

There is less dust with Fabric# then with any other Fibreglass system, so I have found...........................
Maybe it's because of the 3 step application and the finish is so much smoother due to the boosting........I love that shine..............

As for the fibreglass showing through, that only happens if the mesh isn't saturated enough with resin...........and that comes with practice, as you have said lol..........................

hope this helps a tad
love Ruth xxxx

hope this helps
love Ruth xxx
When it comes to making your fibre completely disappear .. here is my trick and this is the way I teach.

First you need to understand that ... BOND dries almost as soon as it touches the surface so when you apply it to the fibre it is essential that you do not BRUSH it over the fibre quickly, OR it will dry BEFORE it gets a chance to sink into the perforations of the fibre and you will see every strand of fibre.

Rather ... take the loaded brush of BOND and 'pat' the resin (from cuticle to tip) into all the perforations slowly and methodically BEFORE you brush over the surface to smooth it. Ruth and I always apply 2 coats to the fibre. If you use this method of application you will not see the fibre ... guaranteed.

Now do you see why a class is so useful??????
Thehandsanctuary said:
... if ive used scrubfresh first then applied tips and there is dust... i cant use nailfresh on tips can i????:

Just to make sure ... You are using ScrubFresh -- Then applying a layer of BOND --- Then applying the tip aren't you??

Always apply a layer of BOND to the natural nail BEFORE applying the tip ---

no need to use scrubFresh again.

And, yes, using ScrubFresh on a tip will cause it to crack and similarly with NailFresh also.
when i tried to apply the tips after scrubfresh, then bond, the glue wouldnt stick... its the quickset adhesive by designer nails... i brought two bottles from ellisons last week. and have only used it to apply tips to myself(only 2) it just wouldnt stick so i cleaned the nail of all product and started again... still wouldnt stick. used my other glue on the other nails bar one, which stuck.(now ive had the young lady ringing today saying that it didnt feel right - the one with the designer adhesive and would i do it all again tonight. she says the others feel 'firmer' !!! - shes never had nail tips or enhancements on before so im doubtful of her saying the one with designer adhesive feels different...its not lifting or loose cos i asked her all those questions. what has happened to my glue????
also i used the girlfreind buffer to buff the nails...lovely finish on one hand then the grit just goes and its like completley smooth.. i was hoiping to keep these in a customer pack to reuse ie; customer has own file) but used two on the lady last night and only brought a pack of five...
Well love hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
This need a little bit of thought.... :study: ......
Ok thought about it ....... :study: ........

Maybe :huh: to much scrubfresh and the nailplate was still a bit wet ???? Resin wont stick well to damp nail plate..........

As for the Lady with the unsecure feeling tip :huh: , maybe it's because the tip's isn't stuck flush to the nail??? Maybe it has got a little gap near the free edge and it feel to her like it's a bit up in the air ??? When she comes in look under the nail and have a look to see if it's flush no little gaps near the well area ??? :huh:

The girlfriend ;) buffer is used if I am correct just for finishing the look, as in making it shine like glass.............
Make sure the nail is very smooth before you use it, as in ready for polishing smooth, then scrubfresh the nail and then buff it with the girlfriend. ;) .................

About the Files, I brush mine with a hard brush after use and then clori-spray them to sanitise them...... 8) ........ there is no need for a new file per client.....nice touch but, if you are running low on files not really necessary..............the nasty lurkey :twisted: things don't live well on paper .........
unless you have cut a client, then chuck it out or give it to them..........

hope this helps
but I am sure Geeg :flower: may have some more pointers

love Ruth xxx
[quote="its the quickset adhesive by designer nails... i brought two bottles from ellisons last week. [/quote]

Quick Set adhesive has been used by nail technicians for YEARS and I've never heard of it not sticking before!! Mysterious ... did you apply firm pressure? Nail wasn't damp? Chemically the adhesives should be perfectly compatable.

[quote=" also i used the girlfreind buffer to buff the nails...lovely finish on one hand then the grit just goes and its like completley smooth.. ...[/quote]

The girlfriend does go a bit smoother after using but still delivers the same high shine again and again. They last for months and can be washed. Did you have any oil on the buffer?

yep the nail had been prep'd properly, scrubfresh then two layers of bond (copying instructions from nailsinlondon - think it was ruth)
but it would just not stick at all....well it did on one.... my salon is in a converted gargae attatched to my house.... it was quite warm yesterday and i was out at sports day all day the door to house was open so air could circulate but i didnt have the window open until i got home at 4ish... could maybe the heat have affected it......
Well babe I think info got crossed her somehow lol...................

Ok prep nail
Scrubfresh a bit on a lint free pad, good old rub and scrub for about the count of 5
take a deep breath, then scrubfresh has dryed
one layer of bond (james) only one, to all ten nails then let dry
apply tip
Apply Fibreglass
2X Bond (James)
2x build (Bob) well I do that anyway lol
Activate after the 2nd build (Bob)
Smooth out cuticle and sidewalls so it's flush and tidy
2-3x boost (no name yet)
Buff with buffer block
Solar oil
Buff with Girlfriend

this is what I do
love Ruth xxxx
Climate does indeed affect performance of all pruducts - both heat and cold - difficult to say. If it stuck on one it should've stuck them all.

Some companies teach to remove the shine from the area you are going to stick the tip onto before application. Wouldn't do any harm, but why not just use your BOND to adhere the tips with? Works a treat!
hi geeg and ruth would i be right in thinking that when prepping the nail you only remove the surface shine with the medium side of the buffer no nasty scoring of the nail? i noticed no reference to scoring on my instructions of the fabric i guess its because the bond does all the anchor work for you? thanks girls nickki x ;)
cool...so just to clarify this in my little blonde head....apply bond and then tip straight on top and it will stick....yipee sounds great....would i apply bond to one nail and then tip...or bond to all nails then all tips...does that make sense...what im trying to say is by the time ive applied bond to all nails will it not be dry and not stick the tips...oh bugg*r i think you get what i mean im just confusing it/me/everyone/theworld!!!!
Yes Jen, you would apply bond then tip on each nail otherwise it will have dried if doing all ten nails. I have been doing this and it works a treat
hi deb do you also put a touch of bond on the actual tip as well or do you find that you have enough on the natural nail? also another thing that i always think about when blending the tip, you cant but help touching the bond which is already on the natural nail therefore blending that away too is that ok? or does a small amount of bond stay put you just cant see it maybe?
thanks hun
nickki x ;)
Girls girl girls ... the instructions are VERY clear ... Prep as you always do.

Apply BOND TO ALL TEN NAILS. Let it dry.

Apply tips and then blend (use Bond or Build in the well of the tip and apply as normal.

As for prepping ... I have not included the instructions because this system will work with whatever prep system you are using with whatever nail system you are using!! This is why there are no prep products for Fabric# specifically. Trying to keep the system as simple as possible.
It is our policy that it is only professionals buying this product ..as always!!
Prep as you always do.
Geeg wrote:
Apply BOND TO ALL TEN NAILS. Let it dry.

Yes this is a must in my book...................
It provides a nice sound key for the tip.................
It also protects the natural nail plate from any surface scratches......
It's like tipping and blending with a saftey net lol................

Like Geeg mentioned in a previous post, in most cases where you need to stick something together with resin, it always tells you to apply resin to both sides and then stick it together......It sticks like Ruth to a glass of Vodka and thats well stuck lol...............
So girls do it , you know it makes sense lol (Dell Boy Trotters advice for life)

I have found that the prepping is the same as you would do for any other system............preparing the nail plate to accomodate the sytem your choice.........In my case Fabric#..................

love Ruth xxx
hi ruth and geeg thanks for both of your help girls i can appreciate that daft questions can get a bit tedious! :? trouble is i like to make sure even if there is one small thing i am a bit hazy on i like to get to the bottom of it as i would hate to be floating along thinking im doing ok when realy these small things bug me until i know for sure! i think that is the key to being a good nail tech, never be affraid to ask questions as there is always something new to learn, it just makes it nice and easy when we have people like you geeg and ruth to bug !! we know that we are getting reliable info ! so thanks again girls im sure i will have many more daft questions to ask along the way ! <oh no i hear you sigh :D >
nickki jonesx
No questions are 'daft'!!

Just thought you all sounded as if you were getting a bit mixed up and wanted to clarify.

I am a teacher ... that's what I do best ... I love any and all questions ... and that is how I see my function on this site. So please keep asking away. xxx
Hear hear Geeg,
If it hadn't been for all my daft questions when I started out I would still struggle to have propper resinflow control over my bottle...........
I would still sit herecovered in resin to my arm pits lol..........
I would still struggle with all the little things, like fibreglass, Silk, and the like...............

It's asking and asking again and again and again that helped me to get where I am today ...........lol..................
It's people like Geeg with the patience of a saint and the knowledge of the Encyclopedia Britannica ,that have given me the knowhow, in turning outsome great work...................

So ask and you will receiveand therefore will learn some great stuff........
love Ruth xxxxxxxx
(writing a tutorial on how to mix the best Voddy and Orange this site of the Blackwall Tunnel)
geeg said:
No questions are 'daft'!!

Just thought you all sounded as if you were getting a bit mixed up and wanted to clarify.

I am a teacher ... that's what I do best ... I love any and all questions ... and that is how I see my function on this site. So please keep asking away. xxx

Hi Gigi!

I'm still going strong with my Fabric# kit and yes, like everyone says, it is truly fab (I'm rapidly losing my l&p skills with all the clients I've converted!) and so far, fingers crossed, everything has been working out perfectly. But.....I still think I could be missing out on some tricks of the trade if I don't get myself signed up for the course and I would like to have a thorough understanding and know that I have learned all there is to know about it! What I also wondered is, does the course show you how to do sculptured fibreglass...and what other wonderful insights could the course give me?
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