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May 19, 2011
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Hi girls need some ideas for some catchy facebook statuses for my tanning page, I'm bored of writing book your £15 tan lol x x
Will spend the day thinking!! - but wanted to say this is great thread liza that hopefully we can all use! Xx:D
Agree mine are so boring! Even as I'm writing them I think, who the hell is gonna book a tan from this!! I have written a couple of short 'poems' in the past, I'll have a look at my status' and see if I can find them x
The sun is shining
More skin is on show
Feeling a bit pale?
Get a spray tan glow!

That was in the week where it was quite warm recently.

The last week I have been putting up tanning tips for example:

*TANNING TIP: Be sure to exfoliate thoroughly before your spray tan to ensure the tan is applied to fresh, even skin*

*TANNING TIP: To help your tan last longer and to ensure an even fade-off, moisturise at least once a day after washing off the guide colour*

I thought these may interest people more rather than them seeing another status from me saying "Book your spray tan ready to be beautifully bronzed for the weekend" which after a few of these they probably just ignore!
I always struggle for status updates. i like to do at leas 1 a day - but I rn out of ideas! I offer all services at my salon but im rubbish with ideas. i started with a tip of the day, which i wanted to continue but i spedn ages trawling the web for tips. I might start it up again. A tip ofthe day plus a promotional status.
Tip of the day love this idea! Xx
Just thought that might be a bit too ambitious for me - may do tip of the week lol?, xx
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Hi Geeks

I made my FB page yesterday and I don't know what to write how can I find people to send my page too... Help!

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Loving & using the tanning tip status idea! Thanks for sharing x
great thread! I was just thinkin i never write anything interesting on my facebook updates just advertising services. Any more ideas anyone? xx
If you go onto the elf cosmetics web site, they Have a page of beauty secrets, some of these will be great to share from time to time! X
Want to look all bronzed & glamourous for the weekend??! -
spray tan £15, mobile in the comfort of your own home.
Ooh good tip princess layla il check that out later. Good statuses so far girls! Keep em coming hehe x I only tan from home (I have my own tanning room) and I only do it in the evenings, I'd love to do it full time but think I'd need to learn a few more things before I go at it alone!, x
Loving & using the tanning tip status idea! Thanks for sharing x

That's ok, just gotta think of some good original ones once I've run out of the obvious do's and dont's!!!!
I'm loving the beauty tips on elf website! X

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