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The prefered method of enhancing

  • Other... (um... like what did I miss duh?)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Natural nail overlays

    Votes: 38 9.8%
  • Sculpting on a form

    Votes: 133 34.4%
  • Tip and overlays

    Votes: 216 55.8%

  • Total voters
I love sculpt's....quick and easy, no blending, no glue break down. I think once someone try's sculpt's they prefer it over tips. I think this would be interesting to find out-Are there any former sculpters that now prefer tips.
I used tips for years, then learned to sculpt, I LOVE it! So much quicker, the nails are thinner, more natural looking....they last better, there no adhesive to break down....

I must admit, it was a challage at first...but now I only use tips if I really, really have to.
And it's funny, my client love the fact that they don't have "tips" but extentions...not that it makes any difference, really...and not like one is any less "fake" then the other...but..this is the way they see it..and they are impressed!
Argh! I know what you mean Jane; it drives me crazy when clients do that. Someone was talking about this once (might've been Marti Preuss, not sure) and she said she had a sign on the wall that read: 'If you can see your nails, then I can't - and right now you're paying me to look at them!'
When I do sculpt I,m always having to nag clients to keep their finger still! As I'm trying to tuck the form up under the free edge they move their finger up too so that the nail plate is facing them, finger pointing straight up! Any advice please?
It takes a while to*get It * with forms. First, Disposable are the ones I use.As for the kind? I use them all LOL. :oops: I don't have a fav. I started with TT, she has 3 sizes, them went to Ez Flow,( which Is Great),I do have CND, too.When I take the form from the roll,I roll it between Both thumbs& forefinger.Hold it on both sides.then remove paper backing,& push the*donut hole* under,so it makes the form stonger. You don't have to this, but, I do.then you place the form on the nail under the F/E.make sure its up under the whole edge.even the corners. then, pull the sides together to make your form fit to the size C-curve you want.Don't pinch it to tight or you will have points,kinda hard to get it to work then, so take it off & starte over. I also, only do a few fingers at a time,maybe 2-3, remove the form,after the Ac sets up good, remove it by pinching the end,& it will come lose from The F/E easy.Then I do my Little Squeeze, for the C-curve,lightly on both sides,don't wait till its to dry,then you are to late, the W already hard. Hope all this makes sense. Its perfectly clear in my head :D
Barb :silly:
Well as a novice at everything, I personally cant understand why you're generally taught tip/overlay first then learn the 'art' of sculpting later :? To me, sculpting is no trickier than all the fiddling, sizing, filing, and faffing with tips. Still struggling with my forms a bit .....what do all you sculpters prefer, reusable or disposable, what brands etc. Oh, no I can feel a poll coming on :D
no doubt about it, Sculpt ! Its so fast, you don't have to mess with finding the right size tip for all ten :? Then the glue :x then the filing :x then you do the Ac any way, over the tip. :? I prep, put on form, ready,set, go. :p Done ! 45 min to 1 hr. only way to go.
Barb ;)
to do sculptured as my personal preference think tips are too much like hard work, much easier to use forms and sculpt.

It's tip and overlay for me because I find it easier. Would love to master the art of sculpting. Had a few classes but never seem to find the time to practice. I also find that I need three hands, two to put the form on and one to hold the clients hand in place if not they seem to point their fingers towards heaven!
I like natural nail overlays because you eliminate a lot of the chances for goofing up! No tip to size, glue, blend and no form to fit, make sure you don't get a gap, and make really sure you dont get a ledge. So yes they are simple and hey who doesn't like to have a nice simple set every once in a great while, most of my clients are tips or sculpted depending on the nails, hardly anyone has the kind of nails I could just overlay.

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In the salon.... what is it that you love to do the most (enhancment wise) and why?

Sculpting... cause its faster?
Tips cause they are easier and better looking at longer lengths?
Natural nail overalys... cause they are just plain simple?
Aligirl said:
'If you can see your nails, then I can't - and right now you're paying me to look at them!'

THAT is an awsome quote!!! I love it!!! :thumbsup:
Tips and overlays the most. I am way too persnickety with my sculpts. I drive myself nuts with them becuase I want them to be perfect! I take them so personally that if someone comes back with a broken nail due to carelessnes, I get a bit "hankity!" "You broke my beautiful sculpt?!!!!" (that's what I say!) When I sculpt I am so focused & into it. I look like a jeweler examining a diamond! I had to set myself free so I only do sculpts on myself, family members & those that arewilling to pay me at least $65.00 per set because I think I'm way to intense about them. I love them though. Never got to the point where they are perfect everytime like most of you on the boards. The stress aggravates my basal joint arthritis too. Too much inner tension. I'm too menopausal to keep puting myself through that now. I've taught my God daughter to sculpt and she's young, energetic, & carefree so she's great at it. One day, I'll relax again.

B.T.W.: when I first entered the industry, (the 80's) all we did was sculpt! I was in my 20's then. Around the 90's when the discount salons took over most of the American nial market, tips & overlays were the rage. I actually had to learn how to do them! Isn't that funny?
:D I prefer to sculpt. I find it much easier to do this rather than sizing tips up and then putting the product over, with a form the product is put on straight away without the grief. I use the performance forms which I find give an exellent C curve everytime. I have used lots of forms but would not be without the performance forms.
personally i find sculpting the easiest method around, i trained on a form 11 years ago, its tips i found difficult!!!! saying that though i now love tips just as much. i've found its not the type of application you do but the finished nail that counts. if anyone is having problems with forms, please get in touch with me i'll help you all i can
I only ever sculpt in the salon
I couldnt be bothered to size and blend those tips- takes far too much time and effort.....okay you can call me lazy!
Just give me the 3 types of EZ Flow perfect c curve form and my pinching rods and im away!

sometimes natural nail overlays if they got nice nails and beds :p

tip and overlays i'm finding annoying sizing them damm tips ,and they are so expensive.

sculpting :? just started practicing with them :D but i'm hoping its gonna click soon cause they seem like they would be so much easier in the long run. and cheaper ;)

will have to look out for next issue of scratch for some helpful hints on the sculpting :D
Due to health and saftey regulations in our Salon (air exchange), London City Location, Tanning Shop.
We only use Silks and Fibreglass and Gels. We sculpt with silk and Fibreglass. We also use tips, after years of using tips we can tell you which size tip will fit which size nail, by just looking at them. Like anything if you do it long enough it will become second nature.
Just learning the art of acrylic, so sculpting with them will be a new one for me.
Love Ruth xxx
I so wish I could say I love sculpting like you girls :( Please refer to my plight on the main board. I desperately need help!! Also, which issue of Scratch is the advice on sculpting going to be in - is it the second or third one?
you said if we have any problems with sculpting, then to ask............well I'm asking!

I use forms (CND) but only to correct a chip or misshapen nail - never to do a full sculpt.......Why?.........because I don't have the confidence they will last. I feel they are not so strong and they tend to get a split forming along the free edge, going from one side to the other. Any ideas?


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