Faye's Comp Training nails ...........


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Well Faye has got a great model and she is well educated in the saftey on nails.....bless her...........
It was she, who featured in the Daily Mirror article about the nails horror story...................
Nice to see that good manicures and good nail service have restored her nails to their former glory, minus the rings of fire..........
So no permanent damage..................
She is a pleasure to work with and loves nails as much as we do !!!!!!!!!!!
So here is a little snipet ................
A bit more fine tuning and she will rock at Gemex
Faye that is............well and Sam too!!!! Rooms are booked and we are ready to get this show on the road...............



love Ruth xxxxxxxxxx posted on behalf of Faye xxxxxxxxxxxxx
I'm proud of you!!!

A little more elbow grease on the shine and you're in with a great chance.

Quiero mucho! xx
They look fabulous faye, well done thumbsup salute

Sue x D

well done Faye!.....
sawadee ka

Faye i happy see your nail and very beautifull and your mama teach you all the time i think .

Kopkhun ka mui
for all the lovely comments....... well geeg there is a little story behind the nails.

Sam came in at 6-30 i started her nails got the french tips applied to one hand and then was told that rick (one of the owners) had a date to go to so is there any chance i could get done as soon as possible. so the one thing i never got time to do was the shine, so i had to apply a little drop of speedy top coat :rolleyes: .................

but don't worry at the competion i will use my trusty girlfriend buffer and little drop of scrub fresh ;) ..........

i was very very pleased with the outcome and so was sam she was grinning all the way to the station and she couldn't stop telling me how lovely they look and how pleased she was that i work the same as mother even down the way i hold the nail file :D ...........

so again thanks for the remarks as all the feed back is important so i can get it spot on and hopefully place higher then 9th at g-mex.

love faye xxxxxxxxxx

ps thanks for doing the post and pictures mum love ya more then life its self XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ;) ;) ;)
Faye baby they look gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorgeous!!!

Buff em up so they are looking like diamonds and you're gonna kick butt!!

Getting geared up for the road trip?! lol!! Ruthy - I'll remember to bring the twister map!! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Wow Faye your nails are lovely! good work :)
Faye they are fab. I'm so jealous I can't be your model after looking at those nails. Oh well, maybe at Olympia!!!! You will certainly kick butt with those nails. Like mother like daughter.
They're looking good, Faye. Good luck at the competition. :D
They look great, good luck.
Faye, those are great nails! I'm sure all your hard work is gonna pay off!

Good luck! :D

faye those are beautiful babe

go get them at g mex :D :D :D
thanks crazy , i cant wait till manchester i just wanna go and show them what i am made off now i hate waiting around ...........

will you be going.........

love faye xxxxxxxx
faye i will be there babe would i dare not come !!!!! :shock: :shock:
WELL DONE :flower:

You and your mum will do great things - can't wait!!! :pig:
good luck for g mex :D

you must be getting excited,enjoy the day
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