Feeling like I have wasted 2 years !


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May 27, 2010
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Hi, I am a level 3 trained Beauty therapist, I qualified this year and as was always my intention to go mobile, I had postcards made, made a website and facebook page but have not had ONE single customer and I am so upset about it all, I do all treatments but swedish massage is my passion.
I am trained in Fake Bake manual Tan but it seems no one is interested and only want spray, I added pamper parties for young girls to my list thinking that would generate custom but no nothing, I have ALL the equipment but feel like selling it all :cry: I pride myself on my treatments and was over the moon to be awarded Therapist of the year at College (especially as I am an oldie at 40 ! )
I think we need a few more details before we can offer any help. When did you set up your business? Can we have a look at your website? Where are you advertising?

Your training won't have been a waste of time, don't feel so down, you will come across so many hurdles, training is only the first one, you have to keep up the momentum and keep jumping each hurdle :hug:

Looking forward to finding out more details so we can help you xx
If your mobile you need way more advertising than what you have described. How many postcards and where have you distributed them ?

I think mobile is probably the hardest to crack as you have no salon signage to remind people you are there everyday its all down to word of mouth and advertising. If you do a search on here there are a lot of threads about advertising .

Have you thought about car magnets ? Always thought they were a great idea for mobile therapists.
I have always felt that the real work starts when you go self employed! Please do not pack it in - you have barely started! This is a great resource so get the search button in action and start looking at marketing threads on which there is great advice.

Give us a link to your website so we can view it. What local advertising have you done? What about your price lists too cheap or expensive for your area can be off putting. What about advertising in papers/Yell just to get you going? Give us some more info and we should be able to help a bit more specifically.:hug:
Besides impersonal marketing (leaflets etc), have you thought of offering to do talks for local interest groups that match your ideal client profile? I've done loads of talks on beauty & holistic therapies for various women's groups, which resulted in quite a few clients. People are more likely to try you if they have met you!
Thank you for your support, I have not thought about doing demos, maybe that is something I should try, any ideas where I should try ?
Aside from the leaflets and website I have also put ads on free ad sites like Gumtree and so on, I quite liked the idea of Yell as it is so well known but did not fancy having my home address published and it seems you have to?
My Parents own a fancy dress and party shop so they put a link on their website to mine.
Its just so disheartening, I haven't worked since I had my first child 19 years ago so it took a load of guts to go to college but Beauty Therapy was something I had longed to do and loved every minute of it, it made me remember me as a person and not just a Mum and I was so looking forward to getting out there and providing quality treatments
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Just been looking at your website and I think that although the colours are appealing it is difficult to read the information provided.
Instead of writing in clear paragraphs with a beginning, middle and end it is disjointed and does not flow! Have you had a read of other peoples websites? It just is difficult for the reader, also you could do with rejigging the menu at the right, as treatments is at the bottom of the list.
I think with a bit of rewording and neatening up the layout you will have it representing you as it should in a clear way.
I hope this helps!
Please do not be offended but I think your website needs a professional. Get Ruth or Extensionize on here to give you a hand and design a new one. I actually did mine myself on Dreamweaver if you have the time. The free sites usually look like they are unfortunately:eek: although some have the knack to do well. The text is spaced out and takes too much of the page. There are no photos!! which help the viewer enjoy looking at the content. I do not know the average price in your area but going out and doing a massage for £20 will not give much of a profit time you take your petrol out of it. As a mobile the web is your shop window and reflects you and what you offer so maximise it. :hug:
Hold on Marymint, you will get there! I started off mobile early in the year and did a multi-pronged attack on the local community with leafletting - I printed up my own and did a special half price offer on everything! I personally stuck those leaflets in local letter boxes and did about 300. I also had a website up and running (but more on that) and had direct enquiries as a result. And I had offers in place if anyone should refer anyone else and so I encouraged word of mouth. As a result of all that I sure was very busy but then that was because everyone wanted to try it out at half price but once my prices went back up I kept a good number of those clients who are now regulars. But there are also many who I have not seen since, but who knows. I do different offers each month and bring a treatment price down because I am still building my clientale.

About your website: if someone goes on line and wants to find a particular service you offer, say Fake Bake, and then they do a google for "Fake Bake" and their local town or district will they find you? As it happens, when I look at your website I have no idea if you are working my area - you need to say where you are operating! On my website I have a list of all the local towns/villages in my area and as a result I will come up high or top in the search engines if someone should look for a mobile therapist and have had clients as a direct result.

For all the investment you have made in your equipment and product you should invest a small amount in your website too. It need not be too much and you could try my hubbie if you want a website like mine - which I update myself easily enough. But I am not here to advertise that.

Another thing to consider is to do a few targetted freebies. Pick out people you may know of but who are connected to other people. For example, I chose a teacher at each of the local schools. It was a one off but after a while there was a knock on effect. They love it that you are kindly offering and I think teachers are deserving and I pampered them but with no expectations and made that clear to them. So they could just enjoy.

Like you, I love doing massage but something I have realised is that my clients have found the back, neck and shoulders massage to be much more accessible. But I am concerned you manage to do a whole body massage in one hour and then only charge £20! Working mobile, I do the half hour back etc massage for £20 but then I have about 10 minutes set up and consultation time and then pack down is slow and I give them time to get up so I leave after about 50-55 minutes. Where possible I also schedule these later in the evenings so that they can go to bed shortly after and my clients love the wonderful sleep they then have. Anyway, that is a niche I have found that works for me.

I hope something is helpful there. If you want to ask me specific questions either here or by private message I am quite happy. But don't give up - you will get there!

Caroline x :hug:
Hey Marymint......dont get disheartened....I too was in a similar position whereas I started training later on in life and absolutely loved college, got Demalogica student of the year lol and was on a total high when I left college......Did all the things to try and promote business as you have said and then waited by the phone quite literally but it never rung.........

So I phoned a friend and asked her if she would hold a pamper party for me and I would do all treatments for half price to get people interested...From this party I then got two bookings...confidence raised and I havent looked back :) so maybe you could try something like this....

Im not an expert on websites at all so this is not meant to offend but as a hyperthetical client when I looked at your website you have a Guestbook and no comments so I would maybe suggest that you take the page away until you get some clients to add their comments or ask family and friends who you have given treatments too to add something for you....

you also have a News page a FAQ page and a Gallery with no information on at all so maybe consider painting some nails or something and adding the images just so that your potential clients have something to look at.....You really do need to add some info to the pages you have or as I said maybe removing the pages until you can get some info on them, when I look at websites if I dont find info I tend to get bored and dont tend to look anymore but thats just my opinion.....

You say that you have a link to and from your mums shop so why not put some leaflets on the counter if you havent already and when your mum sells an item put a leaflet in the bag...........

As mentioned before car magnets are a great way to advertise for free if you have a look on vista print they are really reasonable........

and lastly Dont Give Up....youve just slogged your guts out for 2 years and should be really proud of your acheivemnets....remember Rome wasnt built in a day things take time....try and be positive

Much Love x
It is tough getting started and keeping yourself in peoples minds. What really got me going was doing pamper evenings at schools. They are pretty popular where I live, and word of mouth soon spreads. Talk to everyone you know, give out business cards, find out about networking lunches. My local chamber of commerce does one once a month. I found it really hard to keep talking about my business but you have get over it and push, push, push.

Keep at it, you've probably invested a lot of time and money into this. Don't give up, I know your confidence has been knocked, I'm sure most of us have been in your situation at some point. Good luck sweetie :hug:
I just had a quick look at your website too, I'd get rid of the guestbook, I had one and had loads of spam on there, its really annoying. I also agree with the others, if your going to spend any more money on your business, spend it on your website. It does make such a difference, it's like your receptionist. Its the first thing people see and they associate it with you. If it looks professional, then clients will assume your professional. Have a look at some websites and get a feel for what you like. Look at the text that's written and get an idea of how to write more fluidly. Your website needs some work but its not unattainable. hth :green:
i am mising pics one your site
I am overwhelmed at the support !! This has given me a renewed vigour and determination NOT to throw in the towel.
I totally take on board all comments with regards to my website and if I am honest I don't like it myself, the content needs playing with and I think it looks drab ! What is the ball park price for a professional website ?
I agree my prices are too low, I will have a rethink on that today.
In college we were taught to do a full body massage in an hour, is that not feasible ?
I am deffo going to ask my Mum to pop a leaflet in with each purchase from her shop, I don't know why I had not thought of that !
I would be really interested in making my own leaflets, could anyone give me any basic info on this like sizes content colour ?
Once again thank you so much for taking the time to reply it's perked me up no end :)

Oh and I removed that guest page .
Contact Ruth Mills on here in regard to doing you a professional website, she will be able to help you and give you quotes etc.
HTH's :)
Good luck!
It depends how many pages you need, if you need anything complex (like a database or shopping cart) or not. From the looks of things your site would be pretty simple but you'd need to sit down with a webdesigner and discuss your needs and they would be able to give you a price.

I would say definitely don't pay anything over £300 for the kind of website that you will need.

You need something that is eye-catching and persuasive... find out if your webdesigner has any knowledge of webcopy writing, or what research they have done into web usability.

It's one thing to put a bunch of information and pictures on a page, it's quite another to have a proper understanding of the psychology of human beings and how they use websites, and to build a site accordingly!
I think you are right fresh indulgence, I wouldn't want a website designer waxing me for example ! There are some things that need leaving to others and that is probably one of them, I will try and get the money together for a professional site.
Also can I ask what everyone thinks of companys that hire you to work for them eg ''pamper people'' they say they allow yo to give out your own cards to clients so was wondering if this could be a foot in the door ?
Here is their site http://www.pamperpeople.co.uk/
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I either print out my leaflets 2 to an A4 page and then cut in half, or better still I am doing 4 to a page (in quarters), printing both sides and using a thicker paper/card. 100 sheets of 160gsm premium card can be bought from WH Smith, though I am sure there will be a lower cost way to get such paper. But at about £7 for the paper/card and then print out costs and cutting in quarters (use a craft guillotine) and for under a tenner you will have 400 cards to hand out and can be done without too much fuss or waiting.

Design your own - you can do it if you put your mind to it. Keep it simple and imagine what would appeal to you as a customer. What do you want to know and what would make you pick up the phone?

Caroline x
Thank you Caroline I will do that, I have a WH Smith round the corner from me so will pop in tomorrow and get that !
Have a look a vistaprint.co.uk they do nice leaflets/car magnets etc
Do not give up!!!

Good luck x

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