first attempt on myself with poppits


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Aug 29, 2004
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gateshead/North East
This is my first attempt at poppits on myself.

Please be gentle....

Saw the design on a website and tried to copy it, i was pretty impressed with myself.

What do you think...

pics are in grafxgal repy....scroll down please to see them...thanks
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I can't see a picture....
ummmmm, where's the pics hun?
can someone help? I can't get pics uploaded.
Really sorry but i've tried everything, i got them into my geek gallery but i just can't get them onto this critique..


here ya go hun
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Thanks grafxgal,

I dont know what i was doing wrong, thanks for getting them on here...
They are lovely - please tell us how you did them with the PopIts. I bet you are well please with them.
Very pretty Jacqui, I like those :D
I have to admit it's not my design, i saw the design on you tube and thought i'd give it a go, they are not exactly the same but as close as I could get them...

I was pretty pleased with the outcome, saying it was the first time I had attemted something like this.

Glad you like them.
love them hun...welll done.....xx
they look good,but i seen the design on utube a few months ago,but well done on your attempt!!
Fantastic.....................teach me:hug:

Well done
wow they are lovely

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