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Oct 2, 2005
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south yorkshire
Hi all jst thought id let you know i did my frst mobile client tonight shes really impressed and already booked in for infills !
she had glass tips with boogie nights glitter fade in mel rose
well done!!
on my first mobile client i was soo nervous and did a bad job i didnt charge her!!
so good for you xxx
Go you!
Well done hun, glad it all went well for you.
now im worriing myself to death that they will lift !! lol i think i could have done better but she was over the moon with them
Congrats :hug: Glad your first client went well. I remember when i first opened my salon having my first couple of clients, i was so so nervous! Thought i was going to wax someones entire brow off by accident or something over the top was going to go wrong. But all went swimmingly well. xx

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