Flirties lashes, Flirties mascara & Simple eyemake up remover?


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Mar 7, 2011
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I have a client who loves lashes, wants them all year but is having an issue with them. I sold her a Flirties mascara and gave her some Simple eyemake up remover - which I thought was oil free from searching on here?

Can anyone let me know what the problem is. I can't afford to lose her as she's my best client!! I have ordered some Flirties lash sealant in black and she's going to get that when it arrives.

This is her email to me:

"Got a slight issue with my lashes! Been wearing mascara nearly every night now I've started work (the one i brought from you) and can't get it out without taking out lots of lashes. Been using the simple eye make up remover and trying to be really careful but even being careful is taking lashes out so don't want to rub any harder incase they all come out.

Is Simple still oil free or has it changed - what should I recommend instead, or is it just that she's putting on too much mascara.


S xx
Clients shouldn't really be wearing mascara if they have lash extensions. They shouldn't need to.

Even if they are buying the correct mascara, I would say it is just for ocassional use, not everyday (although I would suggest you check with Wow Factor to see what they advise). It should also just be applied to the tip of the lashes, not all the way to the base and built up as normal mascara would be.

Simple remover is fine but if a client is wearing and removing mascara every day, this is going to have an impact on how long her lashes last.

I would advise her to keep the mascara for special occasions.

I stopped using and retailing sealant as I found it made absolutely no difference to how long the lashes lasted.
Totally agree with elliebee, eyelash extension mascara should only be used on the tips and ideally for special occasions, not for everyday use. I have noticed a huge difference in the condition of my clients lashes when they come for infills. The ones that don't use mascara are a dream to infill, the lashes are lovely and clean. The ones who wear mascara usually have to have a lot of them removed before i start infilling as they are clogged and messy. x
Tell me about it. She's lovely but it takes me forever to get all the gunk out of her lashes before I even start infilling them!!

I have told her its the tips and occasional use only. Think I need to give her thicker longer lashes next time, perhaps that will help her think she doesn't need the mascara!!

Is Simple still oil free, I wondered perhaps if they'd changed. I bought a load of their travel sized ones to give to my lash clients. I live in Spain and its nigh on impossible to get oil free struff.

S x
Yes def only the tips and occasional use only it can be removed with just water too as long as its not all clogged up in her lashes it should be easily removed.
Also I think some of simple stuff is oil free not all items.
Simple eye make up remover does have glycol in it which is a type of oil.

Almost all make up removers have it in.

When products say "oil free" it usually only means certain types of oils so it's very misleading.

The simple oil free eye make up remover IS suitable for lash extension wearers but I wouldn't recommend them using it every day to remove built up mascara.

I also think that rather than using longer, thicker lashes, the solution is to use MORE lashes.

I know I say this all the time ( so sorry if I'm getting boring) but it is the AMOUNT of lashes that creates the intensity of the look, NOT the length or thickness of lash extensions.

You need to educate your clients. Tell her stop using mascara every day and, if she wants a fuller look, she can pay for a longer infill.

Also, if i have clients who regularly turn up with horrible, gloopy lashes, I tell them (in a nice way) that time I have to spend cleaning their lashes comes out of their infill time. I advise them to wash their lashes with Johnstone's baby shampoo before they come. I find clients would rather be paying for my time to infill, not clean, their lashes :biggrin:
OMG, I took 45 minutes to clean and separate and remove all the clumps of lashes coated in mascara, the right eye was worse and she did lose some natural lashes!

Redid them, a full set really, added a few 0.25s in here and there (which I don't normally bother with), and she loved them and promised me that she wouldn't use mascara again!

We'll see how she gets on, they looked lovely when she left!!!

She's my favorite client but OMG they were in a mess!!!

Clients hey!!!

S x
Hi again ladies

I now have in my possession the Flirties black sealants which look fab, now come with a mascara brush.

I'm about to let my client know I have one for her but need some advice before I hand it over.

Not sure how it compares with the original clear sealant I use after applying the lashes:

Can she use the sealant daily in place of mascara?
Will there be build up and will it need washing off?

THANKS in advance ladies.

S xx

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