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Jul 17, 2007
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Hi, for those of you who work from home, and have a carpet in your treatment room, how do you protect it from spills etc?

Or can anyone recommend a cheap place to get laminated wood from online?

have you thought about a vinyl flooring

i like the look of these are they are easy to lay and maintain
vinyl flooring is a good idea....when i moved into my house we had wood flooring put throghtout and it does save time.....i only have carpet on my stairs !!!!! xxx
I've got carpet in my treatment room but only because the carpet is throughout the house and it keeps the room useable as a bedroom when i need it to be. Plus it keeps it warmer.

I've got a carpet cleaner, so if the carpet needs a quick clean, out it comes. I use PhD wax, so no wax drips, and if i am using my hotwax, i just get the trolley nice and close. Then some brown paper and an iron for any bits missed!!
Hi there,

My partner is a floor fitter and is often in an out of the DIY stores.
Recently he was in B&Q and seen some sticky back vinyl floor tiles, they where a pound a pk, i don't know how many where in the pk sorry.

He said they would be a good temporary cheap solution for a spare room, i suppose you could put a huge rug or even some of that none slip plastic matting over the top for practical purposes, anyway it was just an idea, hope you find something.

PS Oh yes he also said they have laminate flooring for about 4 pound a sq mtr too.

Thanks girls.
Floors2Go is a good company that just sells good quality laminate flooring at affordable prices
I am now in my third room...

In my first I had carpet, but soon realised this was not a good idea, esp. as I was just starting out and I did drip wax. So I covered this with laminate from B&Q, only cost about £70-80 but it was a small room

Next room also had a carpet but when I started spray tanning I changed this to laminate, again, not v expensive, maybe about £150. (Much bigger room.)

My current room didn't have any flooring at all when I moved in so I laid 'light industrial' laminate and it's great, again from B&Q. I usually clean up any wax drips with surgical spirit but I have just worked out that acetone does the job much quicker. (I discovered this by knocking over a bottle of Scrub Fresh with the lid off :lol: )

Vinyl could work but the only thing is... you need a very smooth surface to lay vinyl because any bumps or joins in the floor below will show through and they also might damage the surface over time. Hth's
I have carpet in my treatment room too as it used to be spare bedroom. Since the carpet is neutral and in new condition, seems silly to replace until it gets too bad.

So what I do is put a square off-cut of neutral coloured vinyl lino (left over from our bathroom!) down between my trolley and couch just for waxing treatments. It works well as easy to take up and hide away when not needed and waxing is my only potential messy treatment at the mo. (although bottles of nail varnish have been known to fly out of my hand during a manicure from time to time -usually when I'm using a bright red!!)

I am going to use it too when I start spray tan around the cubicle area.
I have carpet in my room but I am finally changing it to vinyl flooring on friday, as for the last 8 months that I have been working from home the carpet has been ruined by spillages, and is starting to smell!
I decided on vinyl as it is warmer than laminate, we have bamboo flooring in the lounge and vinyl in the kitchen and the lounge is freezing in winter but the kitchen isnt so as it is a treatment room I am opting for thick heavy duty wood effect vinyl.
The protective floor mats can also be bought from Ikea, they are shown in the office furniture area. Cost approx £15 for one.

We use these as a carpet protector in the computer room at home.
Ive got a wooden flooring pack from B&Q, it has a 10 year guarentee with it.
You order it through B&Q but its not actually made by them?!

It is hard wearing and water repellant, I love it! Also comes in different woods, I have Cherry!

I cant give you any more info than that really as its not on their website, so if you were interested it would be ebst if you went in and asked about it! :hug: xxx
I'm just about to redo the floor in my practice room, i've been waiting to do it for too long! I want to get rid of the carpet, I'm getting a Walnut laminate floor. I'm looking at a Commercial Grade Laminate, maybe vintage oak dark varnished. I'm waiting for a sample to be delivered before ordering the flooring, quite expensive - £25 a sq meter, but worth it.

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