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Jun 27, 2003
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I was supposed to be doing my friends rebalance tonight after an initial treatment two weeks ago. That time she turned up with her 4 week old baby when I had asked her to get a sitter. We managed but he was awake and did scream for about 20 mins.

This time she rang me this morning to change her appt from tomorrow to tonight which I said I could do with some juggling.
She was 15 mins late and turned up with the baby saying her other half was worried in case he woke. :shock:
I have had enough of this and calmly said No I was sorry but couldn't do her nails as the baby may wake.
She was upset by this and insisted that she could take him in a salon.
Is this not a health and safety issue ??? How can a tech do nails when a client is breastfeeding ???

I feel let down by my friend.
Am I over-reacting ???

Fellow techs - what are you thoughts
Well Hun no I don't think you are over reacting................ there is a time and place for baby's....................and a nail appointment isn't one in my humble oppinion...............
Breastfeeding isn't a problem , but juggling clients hands, making sure all is well, then the feeding becomes a problem.......
You did well better to nip this in the bud, as she now will know for next time, she can always put some of her milk in a bottle and let hubby feed the little darling................. thats what I used to do and my little darling boy is nearly 28 so it's not a new invention.......the pump ...... lol.......

just a thought and hugg cause you might feel that you have been the horrid Tech................not so...............

lots of love Ruth xxxxx
I agree - its just not practical to do a clients nails when she has a baby with her :shock: It's going to take up a lot more of your time if you have to keep stopping and starting so that mum can deal with baby, and I personally wouldnt want my baby to be around monomer vapours for any length of time. Anyway, I think that a nail treatment should be a time for pampering and relaxation which isnt going to be easy when you have to keep tending a little one!

Our salon doesnt have a strict policy with regards to bringing children in, but I couldnt imagine anyone having a facial or massage in another therapy room being too happy if they could hear babies crying etc.

It's the technician's decision (or the salon's), if you are providing the service then it's your call.
I agree with you Saffirez , + if she can have a sitter that means more time for her ;) after all we all need time for our SELF :twisted: dont you agree?
Maybe if you try to let her understand that no child means relax time and
beautiful NAILS :thumbsup:

I had an experience like this once she came with 2 kids it did stress me so much that i tried to her nails in very very short times
......when she came back it wasn't a refill that she needed :evil:
the best for both of you is to explain i guess ?!!
Sawadee ka

I think that if good friend try go her house and do nail for her when have baby sleep and if wake up her husband can take care and then no problem .

Not lose good friend make friend happy if she friend or do nail you long time before have baby you try help her .

Kop khun ka mui
I once saw a discreet sign that was placed on the coffee table and behind the reception area in a very smart salon and it said:

Our salon provides a haven of peace and tranquility.
Due to the nature of our relaxing services we respectfully
ask that clients not bring their children to the salon.

I thought this was really good and something to which no one could take offense. Also it told everyone without having to actually speak to anyone, thus making the position quite clear.

I don´t think any client would consider taking their child (small or otherwise) into a treatment room whilst having a facial and massage ... so why do they think they can do it at a nail service??

Not practical, not wise, not respectful, and definitely not relaxing.
As I am sure you are aware clients don't always have the same view of time as you! You probably see your working day spread out in specific time schedules, but your friend may not. To her she may not see a baby in the salon as a problem.

Like you, I wouldn't want babies or children in my salon, not because I don't like the little monkeys (far from it!) but because you know how distracting they can be and if kids get bored they get up to all sorts!! and you know that it is not like a quick eyebrow wax (I have taken my baby with me to get that done) where is is not so much of an issue. I have also taken my baby with me to get a hair cut...but I had hands free to deal with her then.

If you friend is one that you want to keep, why don't you compromise and tellyour friend to bring baby and hubby??...not an ideal situation though. Remember too that at only 4 weeks old that if your friend is a first time mum she is till finding her feet as a mum and all these adjustments take time. She is probably so grateful to you for making her hands look lovely and does not want to lose that. Being a new mum is daunting!
just a thought :?
if mum was to breastfeed baby while having her nails done, is there not the risk that baby might ingest chemicals,aka,
do not eat
chew gum
drink hot drinks etc :?
however i do agree with mui, its very hard when you've just had baby, so visiting her might be a temp. idea untill baby is weaned.
also agree with geeg (as i always do!!) young children in the salon r a problem for us at the moment, & we are going to raise the issue at nxt weeks staff meeting.
hope you resolve it with your friend, as its not worth loseing a friend over :D
lol liza xx
Thank you everyone for your advice and support.

I was feeling awful last night. Its definately a case of a problem shared is a problem halved.

She is a third time mum and has always been a bit of a martyr with her kids. We have a long history so I don't think this will cause a problem to our friendship.

Have to dash as I have to get ready for a 2nd interview with Clinique this morning. My nerves are shot. I was just glad to see all these responses to my post. Made me feel tons better.

Cheers girlies
I have this same problem with one of my clients but instead of nipping it in the bud like you I just let it go and allowed myself an extra hour (I know!!) to do her nails!!!!! I have done this for well over a year now (her baby is nearly two) and recently I have been dropping not so subtle hints. It seems to have worked as the last few times she has not brought him.

The other thing that I say to my clients is to bring the babysitter with them if they won't leave the baby at home with anyone. That way, for the client, thy've got the best of both worlds - the baby is in sight but they don't have to look after it. It's not ideal but it's another way around a very tricky situation!!
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