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Jul 25, 2003
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South London
Hello all

I just had to get this off of my chest and this is a great place to do that as its about nails.

A new hair salon has opened near me and I went in and enquired about offering my services. The owner and I sat down and discussed alot of things and made an arrangement to meet another day when we had thought about what each of us had said.

The out come of the conversion was that she wants 50/50 which I don't agree with! I suggested 25-35% but she had that she is taking all the appointments, advertisting, has all the overheads etc etc. Whilst I agree with these statements I pointed out that I am doing all the work and she will be taking 1/2 my money.

I agreed to speak with her next week reguarding my dission. BUT I think that I should not work there as I don't think that I should do all the work (my training, suppling my products, etc) and still pay out 1/2 of my money.

What do you think? Any replies would be extra extra appereciated


This does sound about right 50% but it all depends on what they are gonna do for you ie advertsing.

Alot of hairdressers in this country are on 50% from their bosses and they too do all the work!!!

Alot of nail techs that are working for hairdressers are on 47.5% up to 60% and some of them have to pay for all there own products and advertsing.

If you want lots of money then you are gonna have to be your own boss!!!

But make sure you build up a clientele!!!!

:D :D cazza
Well love the 50/50 split is pretty high.............Will they supply your products, insurance and the like...????........
What overheads are they talking about ??????

Most of us work on a self employed basis, we rent a space, provide our own furniture if it's not already there, provide our own products and insurance and pay round the 25% mark...........Any retail brought by us Techs is ours and we don't pay any commission on that................

As for advertising, you can do your own!!!!!!
Leaflets, flyers , business cards..........and the best form of advertising word of mouth.................

The hairdressers that I know arround me who are on the 50/50 split, don't have to buy their own products..........exept their scissors and hairdryers........................

So I think that this is a bit high and I think you need to sit down and write some things down on paper and go through them with the salon owner......

just a bit of info from me, space renter for over 10 years now......

love Ruth xxxxxxx
Ruth is right. Listen to her.
50/50 is way too high in favour of the salon owner.
25-35 is the norm and no higher.
Don't be talked into something you don't like as it will only get worse.
It is your own business you are running within her business.
The success or failure of it will depend on you.

I work in a salon and the arrangement is 50/50. But, I don't provide any products or deal with any advertising. All I bring with me to work is my brush, and we all know that no one can touch our brushes! So, it works out very well for me. However, if they want you to bring all your own stuff, I would suggest a percentage of what you take on a weekly basis, so if you have a crap week, your rent would be very small. Good luck :flower:
hiya all,

I've just started working in a new beauty salon, originally the owner wanted me to pay £30 a day! With my me providing everything i said no she then came back to me and offered a 30-70% but i wasn't keen on this, eventually she said i could rent for £50 a week which i thought was pretty good, is this about for average for bradford as this is what i've paid at a previous salon, although the previous salon was a very small hairdressers near were i live and the client base was totally different & it wasn't very busy. where as the new salon is near the city center and has a larger client bases also alot of walk in clients from the beauty salon. :huh:
Hello all

Thank you all so much for your input on my personal deilema.

I have read the pervious posts regarding space renting and sat down and thought about it.

I already work in a shop 1 day a week doing 50/50, all I do is bring my brush and tools but unfortunately I am only job sharing with a girl whislt she is at college. This arrangement works for me as I am not prvioding the stock or clients.

Ruth is right. Listen to her.
50/50 is way too high in favour of the salon owner.
25-35 is the norm and no higher.
Don't be talked into something you don't like as it will only get worse.

Thank you all for the advice but this peice stucks out the most as I know I will end up feeling worse.

I await other posts on this topic as you can never have too much education.

But I think that I shall be looking into other salons to offer my services.
sawasdee ka

The number 1 thing with anything with percentage is location of shop and good shop or not .

I had 3 lady want to take hair salon me for make hair i tell them 50/50 them want 60 i tell can not .

Them go another shop get 60 per cent shop no good and so even if 100 percent 100 per cent of zero them have zero .

If shop good and you be busy and can make enough money 1 day 50 percent maybe good for you if good shop.

If i come england i want 50 percent in salon i can make nail 6 lady one day not 70 per cent shop no customer and 1 customer 1 week like some lady .

when you work some where you have to have happy and everything good in your heart or no good for you and if you angry before you start you have many problem for sure.

Kop khun ka mui
Hi Josephine!

Well, she's definitely taking the mick if she expects to take 50% and expects YOU to pay for all the products etc

My suggestion would be to say if she wants a 50/50 deal then it has to be 50/50 all the way, she pays for half of EVERYTHING, products, advertising etc.
Hi ya

make sure they make it clear whatever salon you go to what they will provide 4 you!

My salon make 45% but they pay for all my fantastic leaflets with creative pictures all over provided by creative nail design which look so classy, also newspaper ads, paid 4 table, chairs a large majority of products i use , any training i need, overheads and drinks for customers, plus i have juniors clear up after me and wait on me and best of all CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!!

If you are paying alot out for products etc make sure you get a higher pecentage!


there has been a lot of good advice so far on this subject.
i run a salon & my girls changed from being employed to renting a chair 2 yrs ago.
i took a lot of advice at the time of the change over. it was discovered that product costs account for approx. 20% of the total income.
so, the"profit" is 80%.
the fairest way is to split it up as follows;
60% is taken by the person providing products.
ie. if you r providing products you take 60%. ( 20% for products & 40% for you.the landlord gets 40% for providing fixtures & fittings)
if the landlord is providing the products then they get 60% & you get 40%.
i actually decided on a weekly rent of £125, but this figue is relative to the location & size of our salon.
it is difficult to suggest rent without knowing the complete picture of the potential salon.
however the % situation is applicable where ever you are.
as geeg says, the bottom line is the deal is only any good if it suits YOU.
take your time deciding, & also ask for a 3 month cooling off period after which you can leave or renegotiate the conditions.
lol liza xx
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