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Laura h

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Sep 27, 2004
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I am driving myself mad at the moment looking at different gel products and thought I had come to the conclusion to do a conversion with bio sculpture as I want a different gel for nnos and colour. However last night I was looking over some old threads and noticed some techs were very positive about calgel. Can I ask if this is still the case as the threads were quite old. I liked the idea of bio as people have said in past threads how easy it was to use and dosent lift and great for nnos. Does calgel have the same advantages or is it not as easy to get to grips with???

I appreciate any comments you may have as I am constantly thinking about this subject!!!Unfortunaetly I cant get to the show to try out the products and dont want to waste my money.

I went to a bio conversion day but only to see what it was like, at the moment I use The Edge gel and it seems to work for me but the lady teaching at the did one of my nails and it came straight off the next day...I dont know if thats just my nails? :confused:
oh dear thats weird!!!
I use both Calgel and Bio. They are VERY similar and both great quality - easy to apply and to remove.

Calgel is easier to file down for rebalances than Bio. Bio is a bit rubbery when filed. Bio has a larger colour range. I personally prefer to sculpt with Bio but lots of others love Calgel - I just seem to be able to get a thinner sculpt with Bio.

Lots of geeks find Calgel stronger and more suitable for tips. I don't use Bio with tips - just NNO. Bio has an amazing rep and peeps ask for it by name. Also Bio has S Gel which counteracts yellowing to some degree so I think it's a little less prone to yellowing. BUT the soak off gels do tend to discolour after about 10 days.

I have brought Calgel in recently and absolutely love it:hug:
thank you for your replies. Did you find them both as easy to master???
decisions decisions!!!!

Yes - they are equally easy to master. Differences are minimal. Good luck!
another thought does anyone know if the brisa lamp is ok with calgel????

Marlise did me a calgel french overlay, it lasted fine, but yellowed terribly!! and the lash tint stains it badly too!!

So its back to IBD for me!!
I have just got the new vitality mag and in there they have a great wedding nail to create step by step, as Im in the market for nail products I gave them a call and fingers crossed will get some info in the post....(I had post this am..yipeeee)after the strike I guess. Do they offer polishes as well and are they thin, do you have trouble with application etc, cheers Teresa
another thought does anyone know if the brisa lamp is ok with calgel????


Apparently you can use your Brisa to cure Calgel but not the other way around.
ok will hold back on buying a lamp for now

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