Gelish IM LOVING it ! But I have a problem.


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May 10, 2010
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ingleby barwick
GELISH whooop i am so glad i swapped products phewww made my life so much easier. but i want to promote gelish and do a party type free 1 finger for customers to try for free. How do i market that ???
Also because its Gelish is new around here i want to do a special intro price but dont know what to charge. any ideas xxx the ladies that i have done a good gelishing on adore it and the word of mouth trade is fab but i need more hahahah ...:) Help
I don't think you will need to discount your price any, but the "mani party" with one nail for free is a great idea and will create a lot of 'word of mouth' business for you. As a way of introducing it, you also may want to consider offering one free nail to your current clients when they come into get polished. That is the only thing I did when I first got it and it switched a lot people instantly!
I don't like discounts or opening offers anyway as I don't see any need for them at all. I think you will find that business will boom now the kids have gone back to school. I always find that from the end of September things go mad and everyone is looking for something new and something to cheer them up. Your one finger approach is fab, I would stick to that.

I wish all our problems were like this one! :green:
Firstly, welcome back Miss Spoilt !! Hope you had a lovely holiday and you brought a little sunshine back with you.
I actually LOVE the idea of Gelish party.. as we all know Gelish has hit the country by storm, obviously our large celeb tech Salons and department stores are able to spread the word via massive ad campaigns and this will of course help your business's grow.
But as we are aware Gelish infection is spread by the excitement of word of mouth .. I have a feeling Gelish Parties will be a great way forward.

Sheila totally agree with you regards to discount although I feel "introductory" offers work a treat to get people through the doors but we have to be careful the product isn't cheapened!! Its a UNIQUE premium loved product so Im with you there.

C-C your gelish comments have been fantastic as usual.

Remember once your clients have been Gelished they won't want anything else on their nails.

Keep up the Good Gelish work

Love n Hugs


Jay xx
I have another problem! Because of the new lamp I can't get as much talking done! Too much to say, too little time! :green:
Thats funny lol just love really serious problems like that:hug:
Do you know what I would really like is some promotional leaflets

Would be so fab to have these..I could send them out to clients that no longer can have enhancements or just want a polish etc

Once they have had a read of the leaflet and understand the product, I could then do a follow up call...any chance? :) x
Leaflets are being printed visit us on the facebook page and you'll see a copy .
They will be ready in 7 days !!
Leaflets are being printed visit us on the facebook page and you'll see a copy .
They will be ready in 7 days !!

i too am extremely happy with gelish!!! all you need is a few happy coustomers word of mouth and youll be away to go !! my clients are all ex shellac they were un sure it would be as good but it actually is and more choice of colours which is fabulous !
Oh easy was that lol

Good..They look great....:) x
:)Excellent leaflets... just what im after.

I like clients to start the conversations rather than me plugging it to them while they sit having their hair done (feels a bit like now i've got you i'm going to sell you something else... IYNWIM!!!)

One thing I have done to get the ball rolling is - Painted them all different colours to get their attention, then when they look at them I say " I did one finger 10 days ago & the other 9 yesterday, then ask the client if she can tell from the shine which one I did 10 days ago...
Working so far & a bit of fun.. till the leaflets come:)
a problem shared is a problem taken away xxx thanx guys ive done a gelish on every client since the post wether they liked it or not hahahahah and they LIKED IT !!! i never had any doubts x ive taken 4 bookings already . roll on party time ... jas get ready for my orders. lol or should i await the new collection in november hmmmm .. NOPE LOL i want a sparkly one ile ring ya . ive also told clients they can special order their own colour 3 days prior so i can order wha they want ..:):) HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY XXX

:irked: OH SHEILA i need a lamp..... are they fab xx
I have another problem! Because of the new lamp I can't get as much talking done! Too much to say, too little time! :green:

ahh thanx jas ... hey im an addict who do i need to tell. lol...... cant get enough of this stuff.. MORE I NEED MORE LOL x

CC took your advice.. my clients are well ant truly gelished xxxx
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Once your clients have been Gelished the Gelish does the talking!!!!

Just watch the clients book out your book!!!!
wowzers check out my new glelish red roses photo posted x:hug:
Agreed Marti
We get dozens of emails and facebook messages a day saying how Gelish has changed their Business's and given them a much needed breath of fresh air into the livelihood.
As well as that .. the customers are loving Gelish .. for each ONE person that is Gelished .. they tell at least TEN more of which, say 5 get Gelished as a result.

Good promotional tool give anyone that recommends a £5 discount off their next treatment!! The Gelish word will spread EVEN FASTER than it is now.

Love n Hugs

Hi Ladies,

Did my Gelish course yesterday and have already done my nails and a friends to practise. I am adding that I do Gelish manicures to my website write up and wanted to highlight the fact that it can be applied to the natural nail to promote healthy growth or on top of a fake tip with structure gel - I wanted to explain using this method its a healthier alternative to traditional acrylics but wanted to know if there was a more technical or savvy way to word this...

Any help would be amazing

Leaflets are being printed visit us on the facebook page and you'll see a copy .
They will be ready in 7 days !!

2 more days to go!!!!!!.
Don't know how to use facebook.

Will you be able to send some out to me or shall I pick some up at Olympia?

I would love to hand out leaflets to people, kind of looks more professional than just telling them about it. (They all seem to have heard about Shellac)

I want to give them instructions on how to remove Gelish properly if they can't get in to have it taken off by me. Can I use your logo on the top of the page or have you got something I can print off for them already? x
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