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Aug 1, 2008
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Hi guys. I think I'm confusing myself here as I offer Shellac, Gelicure & Gelish. I use CND Scrubfresh for Shellac and Gelicure with no problem. Do any Gelish Geeks use Scrubfresh with Gelish prep & if so do you still use PH Bond and do you cleanse, Scrubfresh then Foundation? Thanks :)
I use scrubfresh, then foundation. I have never used PB, which is against the instructions, but I have always had good results with how I do it.

HTH :)
I think best to use the products that match each one specifically ...gelish = gelish cleanser, remover etc....
shellac= scrubfresh etc....

I personally don't mix products as i think it will weaken the final results. Maybe i'm wrong, but it makes sense to me and is far more professional to keep each one to thier own :)
Most cleanse/scrub products consist of the same ingredients, Isopropanol, ethanol, acetone etc for eliminating oils, bacteria and other contaminants. You can defo use scrubfresh with gelish, but just as you would when using cleanse you should use Ph-bond as per instructions before applying foundation:)
Thanks Geeks. I don't mix products in any way but for prep and removing the final sticky layer I use the same products eg: ScrubFresh, D Sperse & D Solve as so far these 3 products seem to work best for me. Interesting that Gelish seems to work without PH Bond though, I'm sure I've read that on another post. Hmmm! ;-)
I use Gelish and actually missed out ph bond completely, by mistake. Client has been back today after two weeks with some minor chips to corners. This could, of course be due to heavy handedness but needless to say i have not forgotten it today!

I do use cleanse but have opted to try d.solve to remove as the gelish product remover is taking longer than the ten - 15 mins.
The reason Gelish works without ph-bond is because it is only a dehydrator. Cleanse and scrubfresh are also dehydrators but ph-bond is recommended as well to make sure the nail is completely dehydrated:) I always use it since it's not expensive, you only use a very tiny amount so it lasts for ages and it lessens the likelyhood of chipping, flaking etc. on people with problem nails, which you normally don't see if they have before after the first appointment!

Better to be safe than sorry:)
I only use the ph bond on clients who have problems (which is probably 1/25)
I use scrubfresh, then foundation. I have never used PB, which is against the instructions, but I have always had good results with how I do it.

HTH :)

Yes I use ScrubFresh with Gelish - its great!

I've never used PH Bond either and no problems.

Jo xx
I follow the nail harmony instructions that I learned in gelish course. I always prep the nail the way they tell you to. I never use any other products with Gelish
I use scrubfresh and PH bond too just to be extra sure that the nail is fully dehydrated.

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