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Oct 27, 2006
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My friend is having one of these...not spelling it again!, tomorrow. I have soaked her nails off tonight and giving them plenty of solar oil. They are looking niiice!!!
Anyway, my question is: should there be a gap as to when I can re-apply the enhancements?
Her hairdresser has said it can affect your hair and nails having a this true and if so, how long till I can replace them for her. She has an apointment with me on saturday. Can I do them then or shall it be better to leave it awhile longer and give her a spa manicure instead?
Many thanks in advance.
I cant see any reason why you can't reapply the nails on Saturday, The only reason nail enhancements have to be removed is so the staff doing the op can check for lack of oxygen etc which makes the nail beds go blue.
I have never heard of anyone having a general having nail probs because of it.
Oh no!
Just realised I'll need to take off mine before my op in March. Gutted!
The only reason nail enhancements have to be removed is so the staff doing the op can check for lack of oxygen etc which makes the nail beds go blue.

as you know ive just been in hossy, and didnt remove my enhancements, - i think if you have clear nail beds, whether natural or acrylic, it dont matter, as long as the nail bed can be seen.
Anyway, my question is: should there be a gap as to when I can re-apply the enhancements?


her beds are good, products dont ruin the nail bed (as we all know)

go for it girl

get those babies back on:hug:
i wouldnt think the anesthetic would affect the nails (might be wrong, but im sure we discussed this at college) but one thing i did think of kirsty

will she be on any medication after the op? if so this might affect the nails and their longevity? (is that the right word) ie, they mightnt last as long or lifting might occur etc , so just be on the lookout if she gets any probs she doesnt normally, could be the result of new meds
Nope no meds after. Will carry on with appointment then.
Get this though, I asked her to phone the hospital and explain that they were clear nail beds with soft white tips,,,,, still had to come off,,,,'ll like this...............THEY ARE A FIRE HAZZARD!!!
Fire Hazard my a*** lol
had an op a couple of weeks ago and took my enhancments off just in case, put a couple of coats of bio colour on when I came out and they are fine.

Blimey Glynis, your lucky you didnt burst into flames on the operating table mate:lol:
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Don't know very much about this, I'll admit and have only just started my training with EzFlow, but I had a general anaestetic last year and had to remove my enhancements. When they were put back on a few days later everything was fine for about four days then I developed onycholysis on most of my nails. I've never had a problem before with enhancements and things have been fine since.

It was suggested that it was caused by the general, but I have never been able to find out for certain. It was probably coincidence, but may be worth bearing in mind.

Hope your client's op goes well.

Im going into hospital to have an op this evening, have taken mine off too. But, by Saturday my nno will be on again. Dont see any reason why you cannot reapply asap. Get em back on Id say. :hug:
I have an opp in 4 weeks go for pre opp on Friday!! There ain't no way in hell my NNO are coming off, they'll have to kill me first, seriously!!! You can see my nail beds though just have coloured smiles so I can't see why they'd need to come off, unless they plan to infill & paint them for me while I'm under if I don't get time!! LOL :)
I had 5 op`s last year and refused to take my enhancements off each time, i even had loads of nail art on my toes and got away with that too lol
my nails were fine each time, didn't have a problem at all,
i did get told off by the doctor, she said that the op`s took longer to do because everyone in theatre was looking at my nails and the art work,
its all advertising :lol:
I've had so many clients go in hospital and majority just take polish off both fingers and toes, leave enhancements on and go in, they can check for oxygen etc via your toe nails anyway, thats why the white surgical stockings(so attractive!!:lol:) have holes under the foot so they can peel them back anc check your toes.

Also I've found that it only seems to be the NHS Aneathetist's that seem to comment on this. If people are going private eg BUPA etc they never question a thing. STRANGE!

And as for a fire hazzard.......they don't ask you to take hair extensions out do they? hazzard .........what a laugh!!
I'm a nurse.. The only reason that your aske dto remove your nail enhancements before a GA is to allow us to accurately monitor your Oxygen saturations. From a medical perspective there is no reason why you cant have your enhancement put back on following your GA. Hope that helps:lol:

P.S. It can really depend on the anesthetist. Some will just want polish removed. Some will just monitor your O2 saturations via your toe.

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