Getting my website updated....advice needed!!


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Nov 9, 2006
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North Wales
Hello again everyone!! I'm just wondering what you think of this....

I had a pro web designer come in to my salon and he managed to convince me and my biz partner to let him build a website for us. His other work is exellent standard, he did sites people i'd worked for and they were stunning.

Shortly after, my biz partner left and everything went a bit pear shaped.

I payed out over £300 for this website and heres what I got:

:: Seventh Heaven ::nail & beauty saloon

It's DISASTROUS!!!! I'm starting up a new project, do you think its reasonable to get in touch with him and get it finished off? I don't want to pay out any more dosh tho - £300 was a lot of money and that is NOT reflected in that website!!!


heres another that he did thats lovely (just so u can compare!!)

ash Hair
To be fair, the dodgy bit is that the resolutions on your photo's are not right so it makes the site look amateurish. £300 is not a lot of money to build a site; they usually charge £100 to £200 for each page. That's why I did my own and believe me, it takes a long time so they do earn their money.

How much did he quote to do the website and finish it? Has he said he'll finish it?
He quoted us £340, for the whole thing, but it seems that hes just shoved anything on there, and the nails that are in the pics - no idea where they are from!!

I'm based in North Wales, and looking at other web designers, that is the going rate for a basic site.
I would definitely go back and speak to him, I have been designing web pages/sites for nearly 10 years (pretty much since the internet began to take off!) so i understand they can take some time to get just how you want them but he has charged you so therefore he should stick to his end of the bargain
If he had finished it it would have been a start! do you have to py him more to finish it??

You should try building your own honey I'm sure you could do it with a little geek help :hug:
I like the layout of it, and with a few better pictures that maybe your own suppliers could help you with, and the text finished I think it will look great. Keep at it and get it finished ... the most important thing is that it needs to be search engine friendly BTW
I quite like the layout - just need fixing a couple of dodgy looking pics. Once all the text is finished I think it's quite a nice design. Here you're looking at $1500+ for a half decent site. Usually companys charge per page to set up so you've probably got quite a good deal price wise provides he finishes it. I've designed a few websites myself over the years and it is a time consuming process but he should have finished it so I'd get in contact with him to get that sorted. Usually designers have their own pictures unless you supply them as they can't just copy stuff from the net due to copyright.

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