got 2 diff hands can i soak off please? :)


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Just Jo

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Aug 9, 2004
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Hi there,
Well I practiced tonight ... on me! got one hand with french tip l&p ... look lovely and elegant ... and one hand with all glittery two tone pinks which defo look a bit erm Crap! lol ... that will teach me for buying technail colours for the experienced nail tech (well i did qualify Tuesday ... is that not long enough lol ).... i look like an ageing glam rock chick lol :) got to go the salon in the morning to practice on some more willing victims ... will have to say it was an experiment gone wrong (well the glittery ones anyway) ... what i really want to know though is can i soak them off now so soon after putting on (well will have to be tomorrow now) and put a new set on? Have looked up loads of threads but cant find an answer ...
Thanks for your help ... oooh yeah how do you get a little piccy in the top of your messages please?

Joanne xx looking a fool :)

:) You can soak them off Joanne, even so soon after application :)

Just don't make a habit of it.

Best to practice new ideas and techniques on a tip or the nail trainer first to avoid all the soaking off bit.
I agree with Geeg better not to make a habit to practice on your own nails and soaking of to often a nail trainer is fab allways at the ready :)

Good luck Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for your replies :)
Will soak off tonight and then get Trudy (my nial trainer) back out .... tsh! thought i'd seen the back of her lol as the nails are always pinging off when you go to file
Thanks again

Joanne xx

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