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liza smith

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Jul 1, 2003
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sittingbourne, kent
hiya all :D
it is so great that there has been soooo much support for all of the competitors :D
but, even better than that, everyone is talking about nail competitions :D
as anybody who knows me will know, i'm a bit of a veteran on the competition circuit :D
over the last few years, the no. of competitors has dwindled considerably :(
the talk was that people were fed up with the same people winning all the time(i.e ketan & denise wright)
i've never understood this way of thinking, as, my 1st win was in a competition where niether of them were entered.
even thou i cherished my trophy, the achievment didn't come close to the sense of pride i had when i won the brit. nail tech. of the year by beating both ketan & denise :fire:
the point i'm trying to make is, the competitions wouldn't be the same if they were easy to win.
surely, most people r entering to gauge where they are at, competition wise.
once the bug bites, it's then meant to be a way of climbing that particular ladder.
i entered relentlessly, never knowing whether i would ever be able to be good enough to beat the people i most admired .
i would never've forgiven ketan if after, years of chasing him, he had retired from competing before i'd reached my goal!
so, to bring us back to 2day...
there r new "kids" on the block!
all 3 have won previously & ALL 3 ARE CREATIVE AMBASSADORS! :fire:
at last we have a great bunch of people who are capable of winning.
this means that the catagory "winner of winners" is going from strength to strength!
i seem to be going in reverse slightly this year, as i started off with winning w.o.w's at olympia, then finished runner up in the brit nail tech of the year, then yesterday got a 3rd in w.o.w's!
will it put me off entering again?......
will it heck!
the whole point of this(essay length, sorry!) post is to encourage more of you to take the bit between your teeth & do it!
especially fibreglass techs as ruth said.
lastly (honest!) thank you layla for our t-shirts, i wore mine very proudly :goal:
lol liza xx
hi liza i was about when the geeket pic was being taken (forehead in the back ground shopping on creative stand lol) but im sorry hun i didnt know which one you were!! just as well because all these stars of the nail industry were making me giddy lol and it would probly have just been to much for me! :D i realy wanted to say hi and thanks for advice you have given me over the time i have spent on this board.
getting onto your post about comps here here i say i for one definately want to give the competition curcuit a go when i get to a standard that wouldnt be down right embarrasing :D
so i want you to shove and push me in that direction when the day comes (if ever :shock: ) sometimes we all need a kick up the backside to reach our full potental!
nickki jonesx
What a lovely post!

Your enthusiasm (along with Ruth, Faye, Nikki, etc.) would make me want to enter competitions - if I ever get good enough, that is!

Congratulations, you must be very proud!!!

No probs Liza, you looked fab in your top ;-)

Very well done for your 3rd place :-D Congratulations ;) You're a fab tech and deserve your success :salute:

When do you know you are 'good enough' to enter a competition????

It is very rare for one to win first time. Competitions are a way of getting good enough. You learn so much from taking part and having your work judged by others.

Don't wait until you think you are good enough. DO IT and learn and grow from the experience.

A good example is ... if you play tennis with someone who is better than you, your game improves no end. Similarly, it is working with others who are maybe better than you that will raise your standard of work.

My hat is off to Lisa who is a gracious winner and gracious in defeat. She is an example to you all of a very selfless person who loves helping others improve and is inspiring to her friends and students.

I have seen her struggle and work hard to attain her top position in the nail industry. It doesn't come easy.
Proud to have her as a Creative Ambassador ... win or not ...
Well said Geeg,
Well Liza................
I am proud to know her as a friend as a fellow Technician, I have learned so much from her, but her professionalism, her love for nails and her commitment to the Industry are to be admired ................
And she pushed me to do this Comp, yes I thought well I am not good enough.............Well 3rd is a pretty good result....... and you will never know how good you are till you try it...........It's a huge learning expirience and the score sheet is like a personal one to one to see what needs to be improved up on..............and I am going through mine, stage by watch out GMEX......................

love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Sawadee Ka

I very happy ruth make prize i think have number 3 prize and only first time very good and lisa make prize very good .

Kop khun ka mui
so much geeg & ruth :D
today is my birthday :D , & your comments have made it special already :goal:
geeg, you r so right, i learnt my craft & had my standards set by competeing.
come to the show, watch the comp., look at the models afterwards, & think; yeah, maybe i could do as well as that!
then enter the virgin category & see how you do.
as ruth said, your score sheet is like a personal 1-1.
you have nothing to lose & everything to gain!
so c some of you in manchester :D
lol liza xx
Hey Liza, well done and.................

'Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,
(louder now!) Happy birthday deeeear Liza,
(faster now!!) Happy birthday to yoouuuuuuuuuu'

Bet you never heard that one before..............thank God :shock:

Dizzy Dellie 8)

Ps. can you pm me about those dates for training when you've got a minute
happy birthday Liza
Two things....

First... I couldnt agree more w/ Gigi and co... your positive outlook is what makes you a champ... not to mention your nail skills... I have judged literaly countless comps around our little happy globe... and I have seen nails by Liza that could floor damn near them all.

Two... Happy freaking 29th. :twisted:
Happy birthday liza !! :D
your all so right will have to work on the nerves lol would love to give it a go someday soon! what better way of getting constructive criticism!!
from first class judges!
nickki jonesx
Sawadee ka

I not spend long time shop yesterday i miss wish liza happy birthday have happy birthday from me today ka wish you have happy and enjoy too much ka .

Kop khun ka mui
Liza, i hope you had a wonderful birthday.

I just wanted to say thats for inspiring the tech's that have got where they've got today because of your wicked enthusiasm!!!!!

God! How nervous was i sitting next to YOU!!!!!!
I had never met you before and the thought of meeting the queen of competitions was scary!! But well done on coming 3rd your nails were fantastic, and i look forward to seeing you at the next one.

Lots of love to you babe, xxxxxxxxx
...what a lovely post! I too have known Liza for a long time, she is a very talented woman and a very kind person too! She has a successful salon and her clients LOVE her; she is also kick-ass at hairdressing and waxing!! I know your aim is always to win Liza and that is to be admired but you have helped numerous people and pushed even seasoned competitors to carry on and that too is to be admired. I look forward to another LFW together and I swear I'll call tomorrow!! xx :oops: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :tongue:
just to say a final THANK-YOU to everyone who has written kind words :D
it means as much to me to have you guys behind me as it does to win ANYcompitition.
to have gained the respect of my contempories has always been a lifelong goal of mine.
also, mr. geek, thankyou 4 taking 9 yrs off my age! :shock:
see you all soon at the nxt compition!
lol liza xx
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