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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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While doing a simple manicure to a customer told me why her thumb nail was always cut short at the beginning of the free edge. She told me that her nail grows with a split on one side of the nail, she told me it grows split!!!! Is there something that can be done other than repairing the crack? Figuring what the core problem is, is beyond my knowledge and I wanted to submit the question if any of you have encountered such a problem and if so, is it beyond the domain of a Nail Tech or a simple repair (probably with Fabric#) is all that can be done?

TY for any enlightenment on the matter.

Hi Kat!!

This kind of problem is not all that unusual and I myself also have a thumb nail that always grows out with a permanent split - very irritating. Lots of men also have the same problem as a result of injury to the nail matrix --- usually a bang from a hammer!

The problem is permanent. There has been some damage at some time and the result can not be mended permanently --- the good news for you is that this client will always need to have this nail wrapped or overlaid to hold the nail together if she wants any length on it, or else she will always have to keep it short.

A wrap is a very good solution to this problem.
Ty for the info Geeg, its always good to be able to tell the difference between acute problems and permanent damage. I will store the info for future references.
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