Hair Extensions ruined my hair


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Aug 15, 2010
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Hi, I had sewn-in weave hair extensions put in at *name removed*. To start with they were put in too tight, so i could not sleep for 3 days, they then loosened so i kept them in. The first time i washed them, they matted up, and blow-drying took an hour because of getting all the knotts out.

I left them in slightly longer as i was moving house at the time, but i remembered the stylist telling me that leaving them in longer would not cause any damage to my hair, they'd just take longer to remove and be more difficult to style. When i did have them removed, my hair was ruined, l had 18" hair and now there was considerable breakage. The stylist would not acknowledge the damage and said "she could not remember what my hair was like before she put them in"!

She said leaving them in longer had not cause any damage and i should just go home and wash it, and it would be fine! I contacted the company head office and customer service dept, by letter and email. They did not respond. I resent my letter and emails several times to no avail and even called another branch and managed to get hold of the Regional Sales Manager. She was extremely argumentative and unsympathetic and told me to just email them again and she will chase them to respond. They responded within one hour! But with a one-line email saying I left them in too long so they will not do anything, and said that i would not get breakage in the length of the hair caused by the hair extensions!

They were not prepared to look at the hair (clearly 'bad hair') or all the white roots on my own hair that had come out and had been trapped in the weave. Nor were they prepared to explain why their stylist did not recognise that it was bad hair straight away and offer to get it replaced for me, when i went back to complain after one week!

Can u tell me where on earth i can go from here, or what my rights are, as im really getting no where with this company? I can provide before and after pics if required. Thanks
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In reality, the fact you kept them in and wore them for the length of time they originally recommended would really negate your complaint. Like eating a meal and complaining once you had eaten it all.
I cannot see how ext placed at the root can cause breakage down the midlengths and ends of your hair either to be honest, as nothing is attatched there.
You can keep trying with this complaint, but I can't really see you getting anywhere.
I understand what ur saying, and I really loved having the weave in but despite using expensive shampoos and conditioners, nothing I put in it would stop it matting up when I washed it! If you think I am washing my roots/weave twice a week, and its getting knotted up every time, and im having to untangle and tease the knots out, this is going to cause breakage in my natural hair, BELOW where the weave is attached. Also, I am having to constantly brush the hair (with the tangle teaser) as its getting matted up during the day, when I’m just sitting at my desk working! I have never had hair looking like this before, yet when the weave was removed it was terrible so the only explanation is that it was caused by the weave – that is the only variable – everything else has remained the same.. I have a picture I’ve been trying to upload but its saying the picture is too large, even though I’ve reduced it to thumbnail size!!

The other thing is, been new to hair extensions, I did not know what to expect, though I did suspect I had bad hair as I was sure it was not meant to matt up to that extent! I did actually go back one week later to complain about it but she just brushed it off and said the hair looked fine. She didn’t seem to recognise it was bad hair or acknowledge this was not supposed to happen!! Funnily enough, while I was there, someone rang her and was also saying the same thing on the phone and she wanted them removed and sorted out immediately!! I also read another post on this site by a girl who also had matting and knotting after having them in for 2 weeks – again from *name removed* … seems a recurring theme…………………
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Chances are they are using cheap remi hair. Nasty stuff.Good hair, properly applied should be as easy to deal with as your natural hair. The only difference being that more hair takes longer to dry.
It's so sad that you had this bad experience, but try and put it down to experience and never get your hair done there again.If you want beautiful hair ext in Russian/Polish/ Spanish hair, properly applied then I am about 20 min drive from Bluewater.
With added hair, you really get what you pay for. The fact that that it knotted, from the first shampoo, is an indication of poor quality hair. I have researched this company and they are not looking for repeat custom. It's a quick buck company and half the time it's not even trained hairdressers fitting this hair. This company are what Kwik fit are to the motor trade.

I am sorry to hear you have had a bad experience of extensions. I don't think you are going to get anywhere with this, purely because you did not complain immediately. Chalk it up to experience and go see Persianista for some great extensions. :)
How long ago did have you hair extensions done and how long did you keep them in for?
The maximum time *name removed* ask clients to keep their extension in for is eight weeks and if they were that bad you kept yours in even longer than this..

I agree you eat a meal and then complain..

You are obviously hiding something thats why you did not answer my question..

I have my extensions done every 4 or 5 weeks and I am very happy..
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