Hard skin remover product, any good?


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Aug 15, 2011
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Last year at a beauty shhow I saw a callus peel system for the feet (instantly thought of my mum!!) but ended up forgetting all about it.
I've come across it in a trade magazine and wondered if anyone uses it on themselves or clients. What are your thoughts? I'd like to give it a go but it seems too good to be true! Claims to remove all hard skin and make your feet baby soft!
Its from beauty select
I use it all the time and it's very good indeed.
Ditto! It's excellent! I use it while I'm soaking shellac off on some clients, so doesn't add too much extra time to treatment either. X
I use it and have regulars who want it As a stand alone treatment It really does the job
Brilliant product - your clients will love it. :)
sounds good!
Thanks geeks!
If you do it as a treatment what are you charging roughly or how about as an add on?
Can I just ask how much you all charge for callus peel thinking of doing it when I start mobile
I LOVE callus peel. We have great results with it. We do it as a stand alone treatment for £18 but imo its worth more as the results are fab. It can be added to a pedi for £8. A file and polish can be added to the calllus peel for £5.

My mums feet were terrible, after 2 treatments and using the cream a couple of times a week has made them almost perfect!

I didn't and don't rate it at all. We had it in my last salon and didn't get the results it claimed to give which led to disappointment all round really.
I know several other therapists who agree but each to their own
I've started using this the last week or so and the results are fantastic. My mum's feet were pretty bad and after only one treatment they don't look like the same feet!! She is VERY pleased and wants more!!!

I started off with the starter kit, this way you can see if you rate it and want to offer it as a treatment :)

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