Having trouble with The Gel Bottle


I'm trying out a few different gel polishes at the moment as I want to convert from Gelish to a vegan and cruelty free brand. I've heard lots of great things about The Gel Bottle and love the look of their colours and products etc so I was holding out every hope that they were going to be amazing. I've tried Rose Gold colour and I've tried the normal base and too coat and the rubber base and too coat on my own nails and also on quite a few models, but I'm not really getting good results at all ☹️ Over natural nails the gel doesn't feel very strong at all and then I've found that the top coat and colour are chipping from the free edge after just a few days. I've even tried two and three coats of top coat with normal too coat and rubber too coat but they still don't feel very strong and still chip. I'm starting to wonder if it's the colour?? Or is there any advise anyone could give me that has converted from Gelish to The Gel Bottle? Is there anything different I should be doing? I'm really disappointed as I was looking forward to using them ☹️


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I have the same problem with rose gold peeling at the free edge


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I haven’t had any issues with them at all. The rubber top and base are great and last my clients 3 weeks


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I'm loving TGB and have no issues with rose gold. Is it potentially a curing issue? You mention you're trying a few brands but are you using the correct lamps? I believe it needs to be at least 48w for TGB.

I don't use the gel bottle but on their website it says not to double top coat

"We strongly advise against double top coating as with the non-wipe nature of the top coats; a second layer will peel off due to having no tacky layer to adhere too."

Maybe try another rubber base coat underneath the top coat?? Also what pp said about not curing properly due to incorrect lamp.

I have not had this issue and find TGB last weeks. Could be the lamp you are using. Also if you're doing really thin coats then you're likely to have issues as you need to apply it a little thicker.


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I haven't experienced these problems either with TGB and agree with @VintageEsmerelda that a thicker coat is needed to avoid chipping. It's the complete opposite to most other brands. Also, using the correct lamp with TGB is vital. Also, are you just using acetone to prep/dehydrate the nail plate?