Hello :) Newbie here ... Superb site xx


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Just Jo

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Aug 9, 2004
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Hi everyone,

Came across the site whilst browsing the net ... hooked! Now in my "favourites".
I am about to commence the second half of my foundation acrylic course with NSI ... loving it :) Have been doing everyones nails that will let me lol
Going tomorrow to a friends hairdressers where she has some poor unsuspecting clientel lined up for me to practice on :)
The hardest thing I have found is putting the minimum amount on near the cuticle ... still ending up filing away as much as I can lol Guess its practice practice practice! Have read previous threads and taking it all in like a sponge ... thanks so much for your advice on so many topics ... did a set today after reading on here and felt so much more confident xx
By the way is there a minimum age as my friend wants me to do her daughters ... she is 13 ... for the holidays.

hi and welcome you will love it here , its a fab site with tons of info , it sounds like your well on your way if you can get loads of practice in , good luck with the rest of your course love dee
Hi Joanne welcolm to the site u will learn so much from this site it is such a great help like u it has given me lots more confidence good luck on your course
*Joanne* said:
Hi everyone,

By the way is there a minimum age as my friend wants me to do her daughters ... she is 13 ... for the holidays.


If a client is under 16 you must get 'signed' parental permission.
Hi guys
I just did a day in my friends hair salon ... doing nails of course lol .... and it was great :) I was scared stiff .. but they were great and now I floating :) I even got tips! Back again tomorrow for another day of freebies lol hope they turn into paying customers one day soon :)
Is there a secret though to putting as little acrylic as necessary or is it just getting used to gauging how big a ball you need? Shall have arms (well one arm anyway) like scwartzenneger if I have to keep filing half away again lol
Thanks for the welcome :)

Joanne xx
If you do a seach on application this will also help you. As far as getting a small enough bead, you just need to practise not picking up as much monomer so you won't pick up a large bead.

Get a plastic sheet and just practise picking up beads. If you wipeyour brush more then you should only pick up a small bead. When i started out i used to have the same problem, and i used a small brush. I have found by changing to a larger brush, it is easier to control and you get used to picking up small or large beads that way. Just practise and have a play.
Thanks for that :)
Talking about brush size .... we get a size 6 to start with and I have just bought an 8 but nor used it yet ... do you think its easier to master a larger brush?

Joanne xx

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