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Mar 15, 2003
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Hiya all, I feel to have been away for half an age, things get so crazy in the summer my online time is next to nil. I hope to be back now to post away, missed the messaging terribly!! Just worked in a booth for Creative again this past weekend and of course it was a blast! Got to meet Carla from Team Creative and what a doll she was as well as a fabulous instructor! I am booked for the Team Creative roadshow coming this way in three weeks and ready to sit like a sponge and absorb all that I can, got my hotel booked yesterday as it is 4 hours away from here. Doug S will even be speaking and I am just waiting for the three weeks to pass! Been working on my submission for the nails cover contest, anyone else going to give that a go? Hope you all had a fantastic summer and looking forward to catching up with you!
Hi Holly,

thought I had not seen that turtle crossing my screen for some time. LOL

Good to see you are still out there and keeping busy.
Glad you've been busy and yes as NaturalNails says - nice to see the turtle again!! :bouncy: Lovely that you got to work another show...speak soon :D
Well it's fab to hear you been so busy...........
And having a great time with it.........
But have missed the turtle.............and you babe xxxxxx

lots of love Ruth xxxxx
Hiya Holly,
Been reading some of the old posts and I wandered what happened to you!
Nice to see you back ......... good luck with the roadshow!
Glad you're back! Also, has anyone heard from Christie lately?
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