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Oct 16, 2003
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Sidcup, Kent
I must be sad but i am so excited about being a new geek! I must say a big thank you to kelly (nail star) for introducing me to this great site. I dont get much time with the business ( i own K-Sa-Ra) and 3 kiddies but i prepared to give up Eastenders just so i can join in the fun! If anyone needs help on nail art or NVQ issues, please shout! Looking forward to chatting with you all! xx :rolleyes: :D
hi chocolate

Welcome to the board :D :D :D
Thank you Caroline for your sweet message. Just had my first reply back, anyone would think i was a big kid! At last the chance to chat about nails!
Welcome to the board of all boards........
Nice one Kelly, Essex bird on the ball ones again xxxxxxxx

Shame we didn't have more time to chat at Gmex, but we where still waiting for our models to come down stairs so we could feed and water(well tea) them............

but it was worth the wait Faye got a cool 2nd in virgins and I got a cool 5th in tips and overlays ( Fibreglass)...........................

So here is looking foward to some posts from you
love Ruth xxxxxxxxx
Ello! It was short but very sweet. Very glad to have met you. Kelly raves about you so it was nice to meet you. Big CONGRATULATIONS on your competition, well done, you should be proud. I hope your models got fed! I loved your t-shirts! Please say thank you to your model for saying i did not look old enough to have 3 kids, i have just hit the big "30" so its a big compliment! If you wanna go ahead on the NVQ, just shout, i am here to help anytime. Looking forward to chatting to! xx :D :D :D
Hi Rachel

You will love it here, everyone is like a big family always someone there for you.

Malteasers are my fav at the moment - they have to be in the freezer first though!! don't like warm chocolate. :D
Well Rachel be prepared to get big panda eyes...........they are a must for the true geek...................
But you get them after a week on this board and they are free of charge........
It so adictive here, but so much fun, so hey who cares about the eyes, I can always wear designer shades to work.....................
And yes you don't look old enough to have 3 kids and 30 never!!!!!!!
love Ruth xxxxxx
Thank you Trese! I have only been on this site for an hour and i have 3 replies already! Thats probably normal but i feel like one of the family already. Malteasers are scrummy and are great for playing marbles with your kiddies, my little girl loves em! My fav is.....erm........erm.........., well actually all chocolate! xx :D
Hi Ruth, you are right! Eyelids are drooping but thats what matchsticks were invented for! Its so addictive, i could stay here all night! My other half said no one would be on here at this time of night, WRONG, got 3 replies and loving it! My little one is teething and crying so time to go now, but ...........I WILL BE BACK! XX :salute:
well i just had to say a very big warm welcome to you..............

it was lovely chatting to you at g-mex.......

i would have said you looked about 25 latest and no way have you got three kiddies. what are there ages..........

well look forward to seeing you around and chatting much more to you .....

love pipi xxxxxxxxx
Well everyone I have known this young woman since she was a little girl nearly.!! Before husband, before babies and before K-Sa-Ra the nail art company. Lovely family and lovely people.

We are so pleased to have someone who knows everything nail arty and everything NVQ'y!! as a welcome addition to the site. This truly is turning out to be (well in my opinion it IS actually) THE site for nail technicians .... with so many experts and budding experts to ask for help and advise .... no horrible boxes popping up in your face all the time .... easy to navigate .... it's like writing letters everyday to your friends.

Welcome Rachael ... I have missed seeing your little face.
Good morning to you! Thanks for the reply, i can see i am gonna be on my computer this weekend. I have to say sorry for just chatting in this section, i didnt see there was a different section for chatting, so i will know for next time! i just got excited and stated tapping away! I have a little girl, charlie (8), jake (5) and baby Ben (15 months). I could include my other half (Phil, 26) as he is a big kid to! I am looking forward to getting to know :D :D you and already feel like part of the family. Have a great day! xx From Rachel
I have a big grin on my face, im so glad you have replied. I remember the old days when we used to get together and i miss it so much. We are all growing up, had to now my mums gone to Portugal, but she is loving it and i visit 4 times per year. This site is a fantastic idea. You must be so proud to see your family doing so well. My love to you and Simon, :D :D and i look forward to chatting again very soon. Love Rachel xx
I see that you have became as addicted to this site as the rest of us. Its truly bad if you have family (no housework done, late going to and picking up children from school, no dinner!) ha ha lol

I'm glad you have joined the rest of us at this site

Hi Rachel
A big big welcome to the board :D
You will get hours and I mean hours of fun from this board..............great to have another brain we can pick at :D
Hope to chat to you soon
Take care Dawnie
Saawsdee kha rachel

Welcome have many happy and enjoy and lucky from Thailand .

Mui spicey ple ju aod sin
Hi ya,

Another one addicted to the site!

Enjoy as there is always soooo much to learn from other people, no matter how long you have been doing nails and this site is FAB! 8)

P.S. here your mother has moved to Portugal - I have just moved out here as well and it it BRILLIANT!!!!

See ya 8)
Hiya Chocolate,
How fantastic to have the actual K Sa Ra online...... it's like being just next door to an absolute genius....... I have seen Geeg mention K Sa Ra many times when it comes to nail art so just like Glorsclaws, we'd LOVe to see some of your nail art pics.... get posting girl ....... inspire us and teach us everything you know....!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best wishes
I'm sure Rachel will post some pictures of nail but..............she doesn't know how too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I find this really hilarious and she'll hit me when I see her!! (Sorry babe). She's an absolute computer novice. I was on the phone to her last night telling her how to get her Avatar up so give her a little time to get the nail art pictures up!

By the way, what do you all think of her Choclolate Moose Avatar? I did it for her and I think it's ace!
i think the avatar is absolutly brill, it looks soooo sweet..........

love pipi xxxxx
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