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Hope this is not a stupid question, but can you put acrylic on toe nails. ive a client who wants this doing tomorrow , i didnt cover toes when i trained so ive no idea if this can be done as nobody as asked me before. so can anyone help please(IM STARTING TO PANIC):cry:


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Yes you can....dont make them thick and make sure the toe nails are not to long.

No apex is needed and a good prep.



You can enhance toe the same as fingers including design,remember to prep extra carfully and make you balls small if its l&p.
Good Luck.



Just make sure you do a good prep. Acrylic toe service is a superb way to boots your profits.Not only can you creat a permanent french look on toes you can also:
Mask discoloured nails, prevent splits, strengthen the natural nail, extend the natural nail, fix broken nails,Also great for when your on holiday and it
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Thanks guys for the advice and for replying so quickly

Angie xx


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i got them on mine as we speak!!!....i love them is the first time i have done them but i am pleased with the result!!! I have loads of people ask about them since i have had them on. I am going to put a pic in my profile so feel free to have a look.

we do these at work but my problem with them is if the client suffers from ingrown toenails it would be a bit hard to get them out with the acrylic on the nail.

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Iam wearing them now too, but I have seen some that were beautiful in GEL!!! and with glitter fades, french, color, etc.... However, I do not know about masking discolor with gel because I have not had enough experience lately. (back when I learned, it was like four hundred steps.... and I thought it was too soft for endurance and strength) Now there seem to be gels that are less problematic and stronger. I am going to play around with different ones to see what I like and then do tons of toes!!!:green:


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I've had clients that went from gel to acrylic and back to gel. i also prefer gel. lighter


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I think toe enhancements are fabulous and so long lasting. I prefer gel to l&p, though.:)


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Hi! I just most recently did acrylic on a clients toes. They are so fun. These are a little long, but she insisted. I would have made them shorter if she had let me!


hi what tips would you use on toes


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I have just attempted acrylic toes on myself for the first time and i love them.


what tips do you use? or do you use forms? we just had someone in for a toe refill which was fine, but what would we use for a full set to extend?


aw i think acrylic on toes looks fab - pity i cant quite reach down to do mine - big bump in the way!!
But think its a fab service to offer and i would defo think of doing it on my clients!!


Acrylic on toes looks fab! but I would definatly choose gel over acrylic on toes. Gel is less rigid than acrylic and application can be much thinner, which is important for toes given the crazy shoes we're all wearing these days! I use Akzentz Options soak off for toes as there is no need to file/buff it for shape or shine. Goes on like polish/ french polish and soaks off super fast.

Here's some Akzentz gel toes I did recently.



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Each to their own and all that but why would anyone want to have long toe nails??!!??...I dont get it at all....and its a health hazzard!....a few years back now my toenails needed cutting I would like to stress they were by no means long but they were ready for a I didnt get round to doing it....and that night I was at a friends getting ready to go out..I was already drunk (hey it was xmas eve ok lol) and so I cant remember why now but I ran out of her front room and up her stairs BUT I tripped up and bent my big toe the wrong big toe nail caught on the stair carpet and ripped right off...ouch! it was so painful I couldnt look at it for ages to see what id done! If only id got round to cutting my toenails!:irked:

So inlight of this I ever understand how anyone that chooses to have long toe nails like the ones on the first pic in this thread do they not manage to catch do they comfortably wear shoes!!?!!

Sorry for straying off topic! :green:


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Hi I have just done a nail certificate to add onto my beauty diploma... and I am still perfecting the perfect nail. I am about to put some acrylic on my toes as I have allready had gel on twice and am over the colour...(they had used hard gel in the middle so i had to file off and now my toenails feel a little bit thin)
I googled acrylic toes just to make sure I wasn't making a huge mistake, and I found this page. I have now signed up. What a flueky way to find a beauty community, and just in time before I start my own business.
YAY!!! Happy happy happy :) :) :) Se you around everyone :D
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Welcome to salon geek, I have learned so much from this site, and also made lots of contacts and friends :) xx


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You are better using soak off gel or acrylic on toes for the very reason that filing off can hurt unless you are very careful and this is hard if the toes happen to be your own! Especially if you have as much difficulty getting to them as I do! :D