Help I need to shift weight fast!


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Nov 5, 2011
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I know this isnt the correct way of doing things but im despetate ladies!
I have a very important wedding to attend in 3 weeks (all my fiance ex's, friends, ect are going) i knew id put a bit of weight on but OMG ive just got on the scales and ive put TWO STONE ON!!!!!!
Im desperate for any diet tip hint plans you csn reccomend to help me shift this horrible weight before the wedding. Im going to execise also 3-4times a week.
Thank you xxx

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Dukan diet is meant to be pretty good!! Not sure you'd lose 2 stone in 3 weeks though. Google it, it's meant to quite successful apparently xx
I've done the Dukan diet. Lost a stone in 4 weeks - strict but healthy allowing meat and veg. Definately recommend.:)
I've done the Dukan diet. Lost a stone in 4 weeks - strict but healthy allowing meat and veg. Definately recommend.:)

I havent tried Dukan but I lost a stone in 5 weeks from Atkins. Dont think its possible to lose faster than a stone in 4 weeks, not if you're only 2 stone overweight.

Intereting thread and I feel your pain (I have 2 stone to shift too) but isnt it in the wrong bit of the forum.

Edit: What about having a couple of bio slim wraps? I'm sure there's a thread on here saying they're good.
Hi, If I'm being totally honest with you!

3 weeks is not enough time to notice a lot of difference (ok your bloating will go down & you may notice trousers slightly getting too big for you)

But it's not going to be that dramatic were people go wow look how much weight she has lost!

(Sorry) I hate to be miserable & knock your hopes but I'm dieting & I know lots of people who are too & it takes time to see an improvement.

(I've been dieting most days since march & only now when I stand in the mirror do I notice that I've started shrinking!)

Also fad diets are not the way forward. I've recently just done a low calories diet for 14 days to try & shift a stone & I stuck to it like glue yet all I lost was 3lb! Majorly disappointed!

Yet I started to eating normal (but healthy) & I lost 5lb the next week! So proof to me starving & doing it the wrong way doesn't always work how you want it too.

Get yourself a nice dress, do your hair & make up & don't give a stuff what the others think! Especially your partners ex! he's with you not her that should be enough satisfaction for you ;) xx
And a good pair of spanks do wonders! :biggrin:
Hi, Dukan diet is fantastic. Use the attack phase for the first few days when you eat protein only, you will see quite a dramatic weight loss very quickly - please remember to drink loads of water its a must on this diet!
Then phase one introduces your green veg etc, but you can alternate protein only day with a carb/veg day to keep it healthy.
The library holds the Dukan Diet book, lots of receipes/ideas etc very knowledgable to teach you how it works.
It changes your mind set over food as well, stops the cravings/bulk/stress eating too. Ive been doing it about 10 months now, best healthy eating plan ever. Dont look it as crash dieting as such but how to change over to a long term healthy eating plan.
Just be warned if you have dodgy joints (years of tanning my knees are in a bad way) this diet can make this worse. So I take a few oil suppliments.
BUT I must add never ever worry about what others think, you are beautiful you and only do this for YOUR well being. To hell with anyone elses opinion. A smiling, confident, happy person will always shine regardless of what you look like. All the best lyn x
I don't think theres really a quick route other then eating healthy and exercise! I have been dieting by just not eating high carb's eg. Potatoes, pasta, bread etc! Definitely have breakfast, soups/salads for lunch, snack in between on fruit/nuts and I usually have meat and veg for tea and have sauces! X

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Should of said im a veggie!

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What about slimming world I lost a stone in 3 weeks not sure if you could do 2 stone in 3 weeks but at least you'd be on yr way x

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Lol quorn! Just spoken to one of my clients who is a cambridge diet constant. Im off to see her tonight. And im off to the gym now (yes in this heat!)
Will give you a progress update next week. Thanks ladies xx
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Yep like others have said, these diets aren't good for you. When you start back eating normally it will all go back on quick. Eating smaller portions and excersising is the only real way to do it.
Recently I cut out all bread, switched to brown pasta and rice and controlled my portion sizes, this was not to diet but for health reasons, I lost half a stone in two weeks, which I don't really need to loose being only 8and a half stone at the time. This is a good way to start but again as soon as you eat all these things again it will all pile back on.
Like the advice about going out, new dress, pamper yourself and hopefully this will give you that confidence. If they can't see how lovely you are then screw them. Who cares! X x
You can't lose a lot of weight in that time without it affecting your skin and hair, and possibly increasing your chances of picking up a pesky bug due to essential elements being depleted.
Here's the good news!
Eat healthily and exercise and you will lose at least 7lbs and your skin will glow. Award yourself some lovely treatments to mark this.
Buy great underwear (the right Spanx are fab) and try on loads of dresses till you find the one that accentuates all the good points about your figure.
Have your hair done.
But most of all remember that your partner loves you, and has chosen you. You're fabulous to him x
He doesnt notice ive put the weight on its just me you know what us women are like! infact he's always saying how much he loves my curves and boobs lol
This diet thing is just temporary measure to loose the excess before the wedding i intend on keeping up the exersise and watching what i eat more after the wedding.
Thank you x

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Some of the responses in this thread scare me. Protein only no veg?? Atkins!? Cambridge!!??

Fad diets are soooo bad for you. Just one example is that doing atkins left my friend with IBS.

Its a lifestyle change or nothing. Theres no quick fixes. It took me a year to loose 3 stone and i have a bit to go. Its really hard but you're more likely to keep it off with sensible eating and regular exercise.

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And thats what i intend to continue with

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Ive been on Cambridge for 9 weeks and have lost 2.5 stone. In my first week I lost 8lb and in the 2nd week lost 6 so a stone in 2 weeks. Then been losing bout 3lbs a week, but didn't really notice for the first month. Ive now lost 2.5 inches from my arms, 4 inches from my chest, 2 inches from my thighs, 5 inches from waist and 6.5 inches from hips

It's hard as hell in the first week as its such a dramatic change but now I'm into it

I would recommend a good old pair of suck in pants - don't worry about what you weigh just go for what you want to look like.

Maybe find a salon with a flabelos machine too - that can shift a dress size in 3 weeks and its easy peasy!!

D xx
At my zumba group they have all been doing the Cambridge diet you loose about 10 lbs the first week . I don't think it's a very good way to do it. But if your desperate I have to admit a few are doing it and the weight is dropping of them xxxx

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