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Dec 29, 2007
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Hello Everyone,
I am glad I trawled the net and found you- Hopefully you can be of some assistance to me.

I have long hair (soon to be cut- but not too much LOL) At the moment its sort of down my back, resting on where your bra fastens. It used to be very curly...but since having the kids they have not only ruined my figure, sleeping pattern but my hair too. Its sort of wavey- alot of it will be to do with the length/weight of it too.

Anyway, I want mad curls. Not all of the time, just sometimes. I have tried curling tongs and ended up with nothing but burnt fingers and tangled locks. The kind of look I want is sort of really curly...think a slightly tame Slash :Love:(Velvet Revolver/Ex Guns N Roses guitarist).

I have been told that bendy rollers give me the best bet of wild hair, and I know I would need a good few packs of them to get all my hair in in small sections.

Is this true...any tips from you beauty guru's?

Thanks in Advance

RC \m/
I have waist length long hair and when i want to curl mine i use a conical tong by babyliss pro, it is wider at one end than the other,
these leave my hair really curly just like the bendy rollers but without the knots, also they are as good as ghds for getting the shine on your hair and my curls last until i wash them out, if I'm been scruffy and lazy 4 days (not often mind),
i know you can buy these at sallys hair and beauty supplies and i think Argos may have them too ?
Hi after you have washed and dried your long hair
put some heated rollers in all over mixing up the sizes
then when they're cool take them out ,

then get out your hairdryer and starting from the bottom layers of the hair pull pieces straight so you get your length back and blast these pieces with your hairdryer,

then do this to the top layers until you get the sexy tousled look you want
really easy and quick plus it stays in if you spray a good strong lacquer on it before and after rollers

for a fuller look when finishing
tip the head upside down spray lightly with lacquer from 12 inches away let dry , then you can gently place in or rough up the mad curls with you're fingers.

If you use bendy rollers instead of heated ones you can use the same tip as above,
as sometimes the hair jumps up shorter when you take any type of roller .

the hairdryer trick of pulling and blasting a few curls always works a treat for creating wild hair .

Ta da
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fab minky! >>goes off to heat up her rollers>> :::)::

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