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Sep 13, 2003
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Can anyone give me some advice on where I am going wrong? :aww:

I had a client today who wanted the the Metro 'City of Peace' (white sparkle) acrylic for her rebalanced white!!!! I did this as I would a normal rebalance with the Metro powder in Zone 1 and Clear in 2 & 3.

When it was all finished she noticed that there was a dark line around the smile line where it meets the clear (I hope I'm making sense :ack: )
I could not see this from my angle but she could see it from hers :huh:

I have tried a search on this site but had no joy.


i have only used the city of peace once and did the same as you have done with the clear in zones 2 & 3 but no this didn't happen to me well at least i don't think it did my client never said anything and i never seen a dark line the only thing i can think of is did you put your smile line in the right place or was it a little too low down :?
Hi Caroline, thanks for quick reply!!!

I am sure my smile line was in the right place. I wonder if maybe I had put it on too thick.

I have tried this before with the Mosaic Twilight powder and didn't have a problem!
Hi Nikki

I think your dark line is definately a "smile placement issue". In other words it's just a concidence that you happened to just place it a little low whilst using Cityof Peace. I'm pretty sure that you can be "peaceful!" knowing that it's not a Metro thang.......

Good Luck - anything else - let me know....

;) Team Creative
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