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Jul 9, 2010
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Georgia, Vermont
I am looking for some advice or guidance because I have never been through anything like this before. I have contacted a lawyer so I am not looking for legal advice necessarily.

Ok, I started renting a chair at a salon that is own by the woman who was my instructor in hair school. I have been doing hair for about 3yrs now. So I was coming into this as friends not right out of school.

Immediately upon starting work there she had her dog/puppy present in the salon. The dog was allowed to roam freely. The dog urinated and defecated on the floor on more than one occasion and also in front of clients. The dog also growled at a client young daughter as well. When I started to mentioned to her that is was against regulations to have the dog in the salon and she replied "that the state wouldn't know unless someone complained or there was a surprise inspection. That was the main issue.

Then she started making renovations to the salon which were not submitted to the state for approval and the work was so bad that it caused the floor to buckle somewhat and create a lip that myself, clients, or other stylists could trip over.

She also confided in my and my fiance on more than one occasion that she had an agreement with one of the stylists in the salon that had been working there before she bought to pay her a certain amount and wasn't going to claim it on her taxes but then her accountant said she needed to give the stylist a 1099. The owner thought that was going to cause an issue so she told myself and my fiance that she was just going to throw it in the trash and if it ever came up that she would just say she gave it to her.

I worked there from December 09 to March 2010 and during that time no changes had been made about the violations and she continued to do renovations that were not approves i.e. adding more stations. After everything that had been going on I felt that it was unsafe for me to operate my business in that establishment for fear of a lawsuit if a client was bit by her dog or fell due to the poor renovations.

I gave her a two week notice which was required for my rental agreement but I decided not to stay nor did I feel obligated to pay her for the remaining rent since it was illegal to be working there and potentially dangerous.

Now she has filed a small claims court paperwork to get that money out of me and I am curious how everyone feels about that. Do I have any legal recourse? Can I counter file to get back the rent that I paid while I was there? There were other issues as well that I have not mentioned... her leaving for the day and leaving hair all over the floor by her station, on her station, combs and brushes left out that were not clean. She also would put color bowls and utensils in the shampoo sink and leave for the day just letting the sit there. All in all when said and done the salon was not operating legally, I left under those circumstances and I also filed a complaint with the state, including pictures of her with the dog in the salon, as well as a list witnesses that saw the dog in the salon.

Like I said I have contacted a lawyer and I am waiting to meet with him. But I would like to see what other professionals think if this was you.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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er, my dog comes into the salon. It is not "illegal" nor is leaving a bowl in a sink. Sloppy, but not illegal.

Can I urge you to exercise caution here.

You are at the start of your career. Staff who shout loud, badmouth salon owners and dob them in, generally get blacklisted by all the other salons in the area.

From the court point of view, you had a contract to pay rent, and you breached that. That is all they will be interested in, not that she didnt sweep the floor when YOU thought she should.

Good luck with your case, and your future career.
Hi- you're not after "legal advice necessarily"- but i'm afraid there is no other angle to this really, moral and professional opinions are really quite irrelevant as this is now a matter for the courts.

I'd also point out that the majority of people here are in the UK, so we're not ideally placed to advise on the legalities of business in the States.

But good luck regardless.

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