Help! New client tonight ~ advice needed!


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Feb 14, 2004
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Milton Keynes
I've just had a call from a friend of a friend of a friend and so on....

She's been on a local training course with a company i've never heard of, only paid £40.00 for the course and kit (enough said!)

Anyway as part of the course they had to put a set of acrylic nails on each other, well from the conversation we have just had...

None of the products they used have labels on other than what sounds like computer generated labels saying what the products is ie "acrylic powder" etc

She has called me because her nails have gone in her words "green and yellow and the acrylic along with her nail is growing away from the nail bed"

I've heard of this but have lent my bible out to a friend who is in training, can anyone help....

From what i can remember, i can remove the acrylic in acetone as usual and then apply solar oil. I also need to refer her to her GP. Is this right or am i not remembering what i've been taught!!

She is also very angry with the company and training which i would rather keep out of, however i have told her to keep all the training material and products safe and to take them with her when she sees a solicitor (she has already decided this).

Any advice would be muchly appreciated

By growing away from the nail bed does she mean separated from the nail bed as in Onycholysis??

Or just product separation from the plate, which is probably more likely, which is why they have gone green??

When you see them you will know more. There is no need to send to a GP if this is a simple case of green nail. If there is onycholysis then it depends on the degree of separation.

My guess is that when you see these nails they will not be quite as bad in reality as she thinks (lets hope so anyway).

If there is no open skin, then soak off carefully and yes, apply lots of solarOil and pampering until the green stain grows out naturally. Especially If her nails have been excessively thinned.

Was there any supervision in this class?? Or just another case of customer ignorance as to which course to go on?
Thanks Geeg!

I'm going over at 1pm so will know more when i see them. I'll let you know how i get on, now working out how to tactfully ask questions.....

Mind you didn't manage to get many words in to the phone conversation so should'nt have too much of a problem!

Thanks again, you have now become back up bible! lol

Thanks to everyone that pm'd me on this, rather than try and individualy reply to everyone here's a brief on how it went.....

On arrival looked at nails (trying very hard not to bring back up what i'd had for lunch)

The two index fingers had come away from the plate and were hanging, the rest had horrendous lifting and were greeny yellow. Her skin around the nails had in my opinion been filled excessivley and was sore and broken. I'd already decided at this point i wasn't gonna touch them!

I asked her to complete a medical form - this had apparently not been done in the "training course" and after explaining that some treatments could not be preformed on certain medical conditions ie diabeties, you've guessed it she is a diabetic!!

I explained that i thought this was too much for me to deal with and that she would be better seeing someone who had more experience within the industry and gave her the details for a CND salon. I spoke to the salon at her request and an appointment was made for later today.

I asked to see the equipment she was given on the course, with the thought of her saying that she is going to the local paper and taking this as far as possible still ringing in my head i can only say what i observed.

The powder was in what i can only describe as a small jam jar with a sticker on the top saying "powder" No identification or contents or warning!

The monomer was in a glass jar and was green in colour, it smelt of sulphar.

The brush i'm convinced is a paint brush!!

The instruction manual was 9 pages long, one being the front page, one being the index and 3 being a price list of products!!

There was nothing taught on MDS and contraindications etc

I have heard of this company as they used to trade on ebay, apparently they offer 1 day training courses in rented rooms across the UK.

I have given her details for the CNA in MK and suggested she contact them if she is still interested in training. I have also asked her to take some photo's of the nails before and after removal, which with her permission i will post.

I still find it unbelievable that this sort of "training" exists and found it very hard not to make any comments other than i personaly would not have used this company on the grounds that I feel one day training is not sufficient.

I now feel slightly guilty that i didn't do any treatments, but the fear of making the situation worse and insufficient knowledge makes me glad about my decission.

Off now back to the text books to read up more......


sounds horrible!

my god u must be brave, and so must she to have kept them on.

by the sounds of it even the acrylic u can but in boots is better!
the poor women , i am glad i never have had such horrendus training, it would put you off for life , i hope she retrains with a reputable company ,

I would just like to say to creative mad well done! I think you used excellant judgement sending her to someone more experienced. Most people would have just had a go you sound very thorough and an excellant technician. Big pat on the back.
dee said:
the poor women , i am glad i never have had such horrendus training, it would put you off for life , i hope she retrains with a reputable company ,
I agree - poor lass. :(

Think mayb it would be a good idea to have product tested to see if MMA present because - as much as it's use is not illegal in this country (more's the pity) - you could then pass on details of the K Sa Ra website for her to sign the online petition. :cool:

& well done for looking after her and giving her sound advice. Just hope there was something the CND salon could do for her.

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