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Jul 21, 2010
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Morley, Leeds
If someone wants shellac but no colour can I just use the base coat and top coat together so they just have clear shiny nails. :)
That's a strange one :)

I assume you should be able to yes. I don't see why not.
Thank you for your quick reply. I don't know whether to try it or just do a clear gel overlay. Do you think thats a better idea. Sorry to sound a bit dim but I haven't been qualified very long and have not been asked this before.
yes you can xx
yes you can sweety

one of my regulars has it all the time (natural)
and a few gay clients of mine have it as it makes their hands stay looking fresh for ages xx (good selling point to that crowd)
Before Shellac, my natural nails were so thin, they were see through.

Now, they look really healthy and are so much stronger and the see through nails are no more... my free edge is actually a free edge colour at last, so I wanted to show them off, so I've been wearing clear Shellac for weeks now and I love it!!

One layer of base and two layers of top coat... boring I know, but I love them and I'm really proud of my natural nails at last!:)
Have you got a colour wheel hun? I've had a few ladies ask for clear Shellac, then I've shown them the Negligee on the colour wheel & they've all opted for that & had the same again at their reshellac! It's really sheer, but they don't realise this 'til they see it on. xx

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