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Jun 15, 2010
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Hi everyone,
I can't believe how creative you all are at coming up with names (was reading the Man Tan thread yesterday and it was soooo good)!

I'm hoping you can all get your thinking caps on and help me.

I've decided to do only lashes (glam lash).

I want to specialise in one area only and I hope that turns out to be the right decision!!

I'm looking for something that people will remember easily. Something short and snappy. Any ideas? I had thought of "Just Fabulash" but was worried I would sound drunk if I said that when I answered the phone! HeHe

Can't wait to hear your suggestions.......
Lol "just fabulash" I love it, but I agree potential clients may think you'd had a liquid lunch! ;)

Here's a couple that sprung to mind after reading your post:

Eye Candy
Flutter - although this one could be miss heard over the phone! Lol

Best of luck with your new venture, this is the exciting part! :)
How about just 'Fabulash' on its own? Oh I think theres already another company called that.

Lash Lovely
Lash Beautiful
Simply Lashes
Just Lashes
The Lash Room
Lashes to Lashes

the top of me head!
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Thanks girls. Those are some good suggestions.

Lucy, it is exciting but also very daunting. Can't wait to get started tho.....
What about:-

Lush Lashes
Lushious Lashes
Lashes by Ellebee
Flutter eyes
Get lashed - LOL couldn't help that one!!

I'm in the west of scotland where our girls LOVE a good nite out so "GET LASHED" might be perfect (even tho I think you were only joking)!
OH LOL!!! It could work then??? Good Luck. x
ohh i love these threads.




beauty lashes
Lavish Lashes
Lashes of Lashes
Lash Lady
Lashings of Lashes

I do love "Get Lashed" though, I love puns! x
Thank you all so much.

I'm definitely loving the "Get Lashed" one. Tells everyone what I do and also is a bit humourous. Would def be remembered.

Can I ask your advice tho. Although there are girls in local tan stands etc doing cheap sets of lashes, I really want to target the higher end customer ie. Someone who wants a professional job using the best quality product in nice surroundings and is prepared to pay a bit extra for the whole "experience" rather than a quick 20 quid set of lashes in the back room of a grubby shop. Hope I've explained that OK without sounding rude!
Would a name like Get Lashed put off this kind of customer? Your expert opinions welcome please...........
Elaine x
Hmm, ok. Honest opinion... I love the name Get Lashed, it's humourous and says exactly what you do but I think if you are looking to provide a high end professional job and want a higher market client, I think it's a name that might put a few people off.

Personally I think a name like Lashes by Ellebee is much more 'sophisticated', still says what you do and would appeal to a wider range of clients. You could get a lovely professional logo done and I think it would look really smart.

Just my opinion, please don't take any of this the wrong way. :o
Hi Claire,
Thanks for that. Of course I'm not offended! When I asked for opinions that's exactly what I wanted. You've basically confirmed what I was worried about.
Would welcome all other opinions

what about Lanarkshire Lashes, there are lots of good suggestions, I like Lush Lashes the best I think, but maybe a bit hard to say when you are lashed lol xx
Sorry but couldn't help myself !! I must have been 'Truely Lashed'!! LOL!!
What about Lashes of Distinction.

You will find that people don't always want the Cheap lashes. You could market your lashes for the first month as half price, loyalty schemes etc. Once you have done a few and cleints return again and again, the word will get out how good you are and they will be queing!!

Mind you I had one lady who forgot her first appointment (After begging me) turned up on the wrong night. She had hers done in london and paid alot more than me, only to find that 3 weeks later no lashes are left. But instead of slagging off the London lady, i simply said that she could be a Fast shedder hence her loss. But you never know what these people do with their lashes - she could do anything - steamrooms, makeup remover at base!!! So be very careful don't fault someone else's work unless you have the proof that they are not very good. Oh not saying you will but just becareful!!

Good Luck x
Personally I like the name winks that tigi mentioned. I think sometimes its nice to have a shorter name as you will be saying it on the phone all the time.
How about
- oh so lush
- star lashes
- lush lashes
- lashfect
- sensatious lashes
- LA lashes
- Lashes republica
- crystal lash
- soul lashes

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