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Jun 11, 2011
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I am half way through my Intimate waxing course and i had a model inlast week.
I used strip warm wax and hot wax but she said she prefred the strip wax.
Afterwards she had a little area that was raw and peeled off a few days later but she said after the wax she felt fine and was really happy.
I have a couple of questions.
Did the 'rawness' happen because i did not stretch enough?
Do most people find that they get these little patches whilst practising and get better with experience.
I had a hollywood yesterday by a fellow student and i had a few raw patches that hurt like hell last night when i applied Aloe Vera gel.
Any advice would be great,i do not want to leave my clients with painful raw areas.
thanks :)
dont use strip wax down there, you are taking the skin off!!!!

Use a good quality hot/hard wax i.e perron rigot, berins, lycon

Use a little oil under hot/hard wax so wax sticks to hair not skin.

Remember stretching is important, stretch above when applying, stetch underneath when removing.

If you still use strip wax make sure its not too hot, test it on yourself.

We have all been there and made mistakes, practice makes perfect, good luck x
I would never use strip wax but it's difficult for you if that's what your client wanted (why I don't know).

Apply a small amount of oil before you put the wax on.

Really stretch the skin when you apply and remove.

Don't keep going over the area with strip wax.

If you're ever in doubt that you may have removed skin, apply some Savlon or Sudocrem or even better, my students have been telling me about Bepanthen which I'll be switching too. No need to mention it to your client, just apply is with a clean spatula.

Don't worry as these things happen when you're first starting out.
Bepanthen is what you are recommended to apply to new tattoos just for comparison :) Infact if you get a graze you'd be near the mark on advising them the same as you would a new tattoo :) (If in doubt I'll look up all my aftercare stuff from mine lol)
I did use a little pre wax oil but i am seriously thinking of useing either berins or perron rigot hot wax with jasmine oil as a pre wax oil.
Thanks for the tip about Bepanthen i think i will use that if i see any grazes.
please keep the replies coming as i would be interested to know if other people found that the got grazes when they first started practising.
thanks :)
There is a split camp on strip and non strip wax for intimate waxing. I, personally, along with my own clients, prefer strip wax. Having said that I do think that you should be an experienced waxer before doing any form of intimate waxing and certainly before using strip wax there.

Which wax did your friend use on you?:green:
Hi,i am not sure what brand wax she used,it was in college and the same wax i used on my client/model.
i am an experienced waxer i had to be to meet the requirements for the course.
I always check the temp on my wrist first so it was nothing to do with the temperature of the wax.
going to order some perron rigot or berins wax later and get some more practice in :)

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