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Northern Nails

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Nov 30, 2004
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Hi, i'm looking for recommendations on hot waxes.

which do you find easy to work with and has excellent results?

I'm wanting to offer female intimate waxing and looking for any comments and recommendations on training please,x
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I did my wax training last november with Julie Wilding (Joe90 on here), she used Berins Wax, i did both strip and non-strip training. I stuck with using Berins. I have used a cheaper make of a creme wax which is like Berins Ease, but am definately sticking with Berins from now on(i had bought the cheaper wax as a kit before my training so thought i would try it out).
I love waxing and hope to soon continue my training with Julie for the intimate waxing!!
Good luck with the future.
Give Britta at Wow Factor a buzz, they distribute beBeau strip and non strip wax. The Bleu hard wax is fantastic stuff. It is used at lower temperature than traditional hot waxes so is kinder on the skin and it also doesn't go brittle so it gives a much more comfortable wax.

I've just started using the Berins hot wax which I got from Zo-Zo on here and its fantastic stuff. Zo-zo is brilliant and will give you loads of advice and excellent service as well.

I've also switched from a bog standard creme wax to the Berins Ease and its so lovely to use for strip waxing.

I've not done intimate training yet, but have done a couple of bikini lines with the Bernis Hot wax and it does give a lovely finish.

You will get loads of different opinions though, because everyone has their preferences!
I too am a Berins advocate and we we all champion our own wax of choice which is understandable. Berins is an excellent wax to work with and if I can help you on the training side of things give me a nudge:)
Why dont you phone around a few companys and ask for samples. That way you can see which wax you prefer.
I use Euroblonde, but everyone has their own preferences
Peron Rigot and Berins are the only ones I'd use. Joe90 is fab for anything you need re waxing. x
Without a doubt, the best wax in my opinion and experience is Perron Rigot wax. However, you should try different waxes as we will all say the wax that we use. xx
I really like the Satin Smooth Citrus Mojito and Titanium Blue Hard waxes. They overcome all of the Hard wax obstacles I have experienced using other brands, so it makes it SO much easier to wax with, and they get all of the hair with no strays left behind.
Berins all the way.

I have trained on and used Perron Rigot, which is a great product, but.

Berins does everything I want it to do, amazing stuff.

Spreads thin, which is cost effective.

Grabs those little hairs.

So far, no irritation from my clients.
I've just done my female intimate wax training with Kim Lawless and was really impressed with Perron Rigot Euroblonde and their Jasmine Oil. I've just ordered my first batch!
Use the Australian Bodycare Hot Wax Pellets they are fantastic. Your customer gets her own foil insert so you will never have any problem with hygiene issues. You would also recommend Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil Skin wash as the most hygienic wash especially after intimate waxing. You can get us on]www.abcbeautyltd]
Thanks for all your replies, i will look intongetting some of the samples mentioned,x

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