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Dec 28, 2004
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Milton Keynes
Well im in the process of redoing my service menu and in my current one there are no treatment times at all.

So im here to ask you all the question.

How important do you think treatment times are in service menus

I know many therapists and salons around here that are 50/50 some do some dont but i would like your imput please

Look forward to hearing from you all
Personally, I think they're a really nice professional touch, and also, good for the client who is very busy and can manage her time effectively when she knows how long she will be where... etc

It wont cost you anymore to do, if you are printing leaflets... and may save people needing to ask how long the treatment is.
On the negative side whatever you put in writing, someone will hold you to that LOL - if you put that a treatment will take an hour and you are presented with more than you were expecting LOL and the treatment takes 1 1/4 hours will the client get awkward.

Different people take differing amounts of time to do things.

I can see the point for say a mini treatment like Caroline says, for time management but I believe we are doing a pampering treatment and maybe it should not be clock driven.

Just my thoughts LOL.
I would only put times for massage. Say for example you put an hour for a pedicure but you're all done in 45mins...........they think they've been done out of something. I'd leave times off or say approx. xxxxxxxxxx
I put times for everything except enhancements. If people want to know how long they take, I tell them how much time I will allow. On the back page of my menu I have a list of "Important Things To Know", one of which states that all timings are approximate. I think it helps show the difference between basic & luxury treatments.
Its a difficult one as it can work both ways.

For things like waxing its good as the client can see you take say 30 mins for a leg wax (she might be used to getting them done in 20) and will then allow extra time.

Massage & Facials seem to attract clock watchers - expecially in spas which is why I never have a watch in treatment room. Hardly any clients realise that if you put one hour for a treatment that includes getting changed, etc.

I had a new client for waxing this week and she wanted me to get full leg, T/lip & EBW completed in an hour as this is how long the previous salon she went to took, I explained that I took longer than this and the total time was stated nxt to the prices (She hadn't looked) so sometimes even if you put the times down people don't look !! :mad:

I have a note on my treatment list stating that all times listed are appointment not treatment times, can't remember exactly what it says but something like that.
I haven't got any treatment times on my price list but if asked by a client when booking I always give them an approximate time. A lot depends on how I am feeling - LOL as to how quick I do say a 1/2 leg wax.

If I am having a bad day it can take me 35-40 minutes instead of my usual 20-25 mins.

If I have a new client I always allow 45 minutes so that I can discuss treatment with them, go through filling in client record card etc, and that is the main reason I don't put timings on.
I do put treatment times next to treatment,but i categorically state these are proximate,and if its a new client i always state this BEFORE the treatment commences.
I only give approx times when asked, i always add time on for new client because
first consultation has more info to be covered than regular clients.
I too have mixed views on this as it can sometimes go against you if you do a treatment quicker than stated.

Saying that though I had a client in last week that expected a full leg wax, bikini wax and classic pedicure to be done in about 1/2 an hour! Superwoman I aint! :lol:
I put times on my brochure for everything other than waxing, tinting and manicures and pedicures as I find these can vary or some are so quick it's not really worth stating. I do have a little disclaimer that says times are approx though. Never had any problems so far!

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