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Jul 5, 2010
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i have been sat here for over an hour now trying to remove acrylic toe extensions. i know im gonna get told off for where i had them done ( not sure what the pc way of saying this is but) @ oriental nail bar

i know it was bad of me ( i was on my hol's down south & was desp) an i promise to repent but please please can anyone help.

they are not budging and i can see my nail under has now split quite high up so i cant afford to pick or pull.

im doin what i was taught as in i have feet in bowl of acetone which is in another bowl of hot water with towel wrapped round all of it. oooh an ive buffed the hell outta them with a 100 file

i seriously need to have a word with myself over this - talk about learn the hard way. jes :smack:

cheers em x x
I think they call the non oriental bars NSS - non standard
Hmm everything i would do ur doing eek... my system uses 4 layers, 2 layers of base and powder and 2 layers top - i have to remove the shiny top coat, before soaking in acetone... have u filed about half of it off? I know u say uve filed the hell out of em... poor u!
Oh you poor thing... if they aren't budging at all they may not be L&P, they could be gel and not the soak off variety, so you may need to buff them off as gel doesn't soak off with acetone.

If you do have to buff them off, try to not stay buffing on the one area for long as this will result in heat friction and you will feel a burning sensation.

Maybe it's best to clip down the length, try not to clip too much of the product as this will cause it to crack right across the nail, just clip small little bits at a time and then buff the rest down.

Use a 240 grit when you get closer to the natural nail and then go on to a sponge buffer.

I wouldn't like to be in your shoes :eek:
Hi Em take your poor feet out of the acetone and try it this way. Soak some cotton wool big enough to cover a nail then place that on top of the nail and wrap with a strip of foil. Obviously do all ten lol. Then uncover one and remove as much as poss re-soak cotten wool and re-wrap with foil and then move on to the next one. Doing it this way stops the air hardening the ones still wrapped and you will cut the time down x hth
wanna cry - think they are deffo acrylic. just cant seem to get the buggers off.

file , file and more file they are about 3mm thick @ the free edge - looked fine with my minx over

im sore now

thats it for 1 night.

there is a NNS store ( cant bring myself to call it a salon) in my home town. may just have to go in there an pay to have them take um off. allong with whatever is left of my nail plate.

its all about lessons we learn in life hay ???
don't you dare let an NSS take them off. They could try to prise them off with a nail tip between your nail and the acrylic. Or pick them off with nippers. Or grind them off with an e file. All things your already sore toes don't need. If you do need help, go to a reputable salon that knows what they are doing.
WHAT DO YOU NEED TO TAKE THEM OFF FOR ANYWAY? Just thin them out with a file and let them grow off. What's the panic all about?
ive done it. just sat here now slowly filing them away. all away. wouldnt want bits of whatever the hell it was left on my nails not matter how thin the layer. you should see the state of my nail. i have such a deep ridge between old nail an new ( infill area)

ive just put a little layer of gel over to try an hide the ridges, chips lifted nail bed..... the list goes on. never again.

thanks for all the constructive help . appreciated x x x x
The NSS are not all bad, go back and ask them to thin them with their e file. They could leave a thin layer on the nail and allow this to grow out.

Its not all bad bad bad in those places
i certainly will never go back. i should have known better after everything i have heard about them. but i was away with my hubby an lost one i had done myself so it was an off the cuff decision and the only place i could just walk in.

never ever ever again

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